Sen. Al Franken Calls For Federal Investigation Into Apple Music

In response to concerns arising from the recent launch of Apple Music, U.S. Senator Al Franken called on both the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the possibility that the tech giant may be creating an anticompetitive environment in the streaming music market. [More]

Starbucks Teams Up With Lyft To Give Drivers, Riders Extra Points Through Its Rewards Program

Starbucks Teams Up With Lyft To Give Drivers, Riders Extra Points Through Its Rewards Program

Take a Lyft, earn a free cup of coffee? Well, something like that anyway. Starbucks and ride-sharing service Lyft teamed up on Wednesday to unveil a new arrangement that gives customers – and drivers – of the car service extra perks through the coffee chain’s loyalty program. [More]

Spotify Wants iOS Users To Skip Apple’s App Store, Save $3

Spotify Wants iOS Users To Skip Apple’s App Store, Save $3

Apple’s new streaming music service costs $10 per month. So does competing service Spotify, but if you subscribe through the Spotify iPhone app, they charge you an extra three bucks because of Apple’s 30% cut of every subscription sold through apps on their devices. However, Apple’s rules for what’s okay to put in an app mean that Spotify can’t actually tell you this, so they sent an e-mail to users explaining how to change your subscription. [More]

App Loops 30-Second Spotify Snippets To Support Your Favorite Artist

App Loops 30-Second Spotify Snippets To Support Your Favorite Artist

Do you want to support your favorite musicians, but do so without spending any money and without actually listening to their songs? A band came up with a brilliant scheme to extract as much royalty cash from Spotify for your favorite musicians in the shortest amount of time. It’s called Eternify, and it renders your favorite songs unlistenable. [More]

Apple Music Offers Musicians Royalties Of 70% Of Nothing During Free Trial

Apple Music Offers Musicians Royalties Of 70% Of Nothing During Free Trial

Apple’s streaming music service is coming to a device near you at the end of this month, since it’s likely that there’s some kind of device with iTunes on it near you right now. Yet while Apple is promising musicians over 70% of the revenue from the service as royalties, that also means musicians will get around 70% of nothing for the first three months of Apple Music, since the service will be free to users. [More]

Pandora CFO Not Worried By Apple Music Announcement

Pandora CFO Not Worried By Apple Music Announcement

Yesterday’s Apple Music announcement was seen as a long-overdue swipe at streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify that have dominated the market that Apple helped to create with the introduction of the iPod and iTunes, along with the iPhone and iPad mobile devices that people listen to the music on. Given Apple’s ability to instantly reach the large swath of iOS users, you wouldn’t fault these competitors from being frightened, but the Chief Financial Officer of Pandora doesn’t seem terribly worried. [More]

Apple Knows You Hate iTunes And Love Spotify, So They’re Launching A Streaming Music Service Too

Apple Knows You Hate iTunes And Love Spotify, So They’re Launching A Streaming Music Service Too

Apple’s iTunes digital storefront for music was a pretty big deal when it launched over a decade ago. But time, and data plans, march on. Where once being able to buy a cheap single was the new hotness, these days consumers are more likely to want to stream their music, through a service like Spotify or Pandora. And so, Apple being Apple, they’re about to launch a new streaming service too. [More]

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Starbucks & Spotify Team Up In Streaming Music Deal

Just two months after Starbucks stopped selling CDs in its stores, the coffee chain says it’s going to be filling customers’ ears with music another way, announcing a streaming partnership with Spotify that will let customers have a say in what’s being played. [More]


Warner Music Is Totally Cool With Streaming Music Now That It’s Making More Money Than Song Downloads

Once seen as the knife that would slay the music industry, it seems the popularity — and profitability — of streaming music is making some labels change their tune. Warner Music Group said revenue from streaming music has passed that from digital downloads for the first time. [More]


Report: DOJ Has An Eye On Apple As It Makes Moves To Push Free Streaming Music Rivals Out Of The Way

Let’s be honest: It would be ideal for a business if it could somehow snap up every customer looking for a certain service. But because we (thankfully) live in a world filled with choices, companies instead must compete with rivals to get our hard-earned dollars. A new report says Apple is preparing to debut its new streaming music service by trying to put the squeeze on competitors like Spotify that offer content for free. [More]

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Sony Ditches Its Streaming Music Service, Teams With Spotify For Playstation Music

If at first you don’t succeed, try again using someone else’s system: Sony is pulling the plug on its current streaming music offering, Music Unlimited, and hitching its wagon to Spotify’s star with a new partnership for PlayStation. [More]

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Uber And Spotify Pair Up To Allow Riders To Choose Their Own Tunes For The Drive

“What do you mean when you say you ‘have no Janet Jackson’??!?!” at least one car full of people has gaspscreamed at at least one car service driver (sorry, guy). That outraged reaction could be a thing of the past for Uber customers, as the company has joined forces with Spotify to offer Spotify Premium account holders the ability to play their own playlists and control the music during some Uber rides. [More]


Spotify Launches Family Plan That Allows Users To Share A Discounted Subscription

As competition heats up in the world of streaming music, Spotify is following the lead of other streaming services like Netflix with a new family plan. The option allows up to five family members to subscribe together for a monthly discounted rate. [More]

Spotify Hacked; Asking Android Users To Upgrade

Spotify Hacked; Asking Android Users To Upgrade

Welcome back from the holiday. What better way to celebrate that morning-after feeling with news that the popular music streaming service Spotify has been hacked and now you have to change your password and/or upgrade your app? [More]


Spotify Has 10 Million Paying Customers, Still Loses Money

There have been three broad eras so far of online music. There was the era of Napster, when rampant piracy was great for music-loving young people, and a seeming catastrophe for artists and record labels. There was the era of iTunes, which allowed fans to buy only the single song that they wanted to hear. Now the era of Spotify lets us simply stream music on a variety of devices. It’s convenient, but is it sustainable for everyone…especially Spotify, which still doesn’t turn a profit? [More]


Apple Pushes Record Labels To Offer Exclusive iTunes Content, Block Initial Streaming

While Apple is still trying to fight its loss in last year’s e-book price-fixing lawsuit, a new report claims the electronics giant is making controversial waves in the music industry by pushing record companies to make Apple the exclusive venue for new releases. [More]

New Monopoly Teaches Kids The Importance Of Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and EA!

This is a real thing that a real company is actually selling, and which some people will purchase.

The folks at Hasbro have never had a problem letting everything from towns to universities to movies to big-name commercial brands slap their names on licensed versions of Monopoly, but a new version of the classic board game is unabashedly all about learning the value of today’s biggest fast food, retail, tech, and entertainment companies — everything a growing child needs to get ahead! [More]

Who Is Really Making Money When We Don’t Buy The Music We Listen To?

Who Is Really Making Money When We Don’t Buy The Music We Listen To?

The new 21-year-old intern on NPR’s All Songs Considered claims to have only purchased 15 CDs in her entire life. This amounts to shocking news for some, probably because it doesn’t match our collective mental image of a true music enthusiast, especially one who works on a national radio show about music. [More]