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Sponsored Data Is The New Free Shipping

It’s hard to persuade people to download, watch, or listen to your digital content. One thing that might help persuade them, at least if they’re AT&T customers, is to offer to sponsor their data. Will it work? More importantly, will customers stick with it once the subsidy goes away? [More]

Amazon’s Phone To Reportedly Offer Mysterious “Prime Data”

Amazon’s Phone To Reportedly Offer Mysterious “Prime Data”

Because there isn’t a business Amazon doesn’t want to involve itself in, and because it loves throwing the term Prime around, a new report claims the online retailer’s upcoming smartphone will offer “Prime Data,” though what exactly that means is a source of speculation. [More]

AT&T Finally Tries To Get Content Providers To Pick Up Tab For Customers’ Data

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For years, AT&T execs have talked about the idea of shifting some of the cost of wireless data use to developers and content providers whose sites and services eat up large chunks of bandwidth. Today, the Death Star finally announced that it will be putting some of that data burden on these content providers with something called “Sponsored Data.” [More]