It's a little hard to parse that spaghetti-like mess at the lower end of this graph, but it's quite easy to spot Spirit soaring high above the rest of the competition (Source: U.S. PIRG)

Spirit Airlines: The Most Complained-About Carrier In The U.S.

Yes, we’ve repeatedly made fun of delusional Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza for his claim that his company is the “most consumer-friendly” airline around, especially when it comes in dead-last in traveler opinion surveys and is the only U.S. carrier to make a recent list of the world’s worst airlines. And a new study confirms that Spirit’s passengers are several times more likely to complain than passengers on any other domestic carrier. [More]

8 Things Companies Have Said That Sounded Like April Fool’s Jokes But Sadly Weren’t

8 Things Companies Have Said That Sounded Like April Fool’s Jokes But Sadly Weren’t

For the calendar-challenged, we’ll point out that today is April 1, meaning the Internet is full of phony products, fake stories, doctored photos… so, you know, it’s like most days on the Internet. Rather than serve up a “United Charges Upgrade Fee For Merely Being Jealous Of First-Class Passengers” headline, or a post about Comcast CEO Brian Roberts giving up his job to play Gretl Von Trapp in a regional theater production of The Sound of Music, we’re looking back at some stories that would have been appropriate for April Fool’s. [More]

Everyone Hates Spirit Airlines, Keeps Buying Tickets Anyway

Everyone Hates Spirit Airlines, Keeps Buying Tickets Anyway

Spirit Airlines is one of the fastest-growing airlines in the country. No, really. Sure, they’re a regular contender in our Worst Company in America tournament, and it seems like everyone who has tried the airline complains about the experience. But many of them can’t resist their rock-bottom fares, and just keep coming back. [More]


Even Astrophysicists Can’t Figure Out How To Make Flight Boarding Process Less Nightmarish

There are some people out there who are just so freaking smart it’s almost shocking when even they can’t begin to understand the most frustrating things in life. Like the process of herding passengers onto an airplane, an operation that at its most basic includes putting one foot in front of the other and stowing bags. But it’s so dang complicated, even an astrophysicist says he can’t figure out how to make the boarding line a less awful experience. [More]

Spirit Airlines Makes Carlos Danger Its Promo Poster Boy: The Weiner Rises Again

Get it? Anthony Weiner? Sexting?

If you don’t know what New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is, you might just think Spirit Airlines’ new promo has something to do with a mysterious hot dog that is coming back from wherever it is texting hot dogs go. “The Weiner Rises Again!” trumpets Spirit in its new promo, featuring a masked frank holding a cell phone. See, because it’s the second time that Weiner has admitted to sending saucy messages to women. And this go-around, he took on the personality of one “Carlos Danger.” [More]


Hey, Fans Of Canned Wine! Spirit Airlines Has Some Great News For You

Lest you think that Spirit Airlines had finally run out of ways to cut corners, think again. The carrier known for charging fees here, there and everywhere has found another way to keep costs down, this time in the form of canned wine. [More]

Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza believes a low price is the same as good customer service.

Spirit Airlines Comes In Dead Last In Latest Ratings, CEO Still Delusional

Earlier today, our lunch buddies at Consumer Reports released their roundup of the major U.S.-based commercial airlines. And, in what will be a shock to almost no one who follows the travel industry, Spirit received the lowest possible rating in each of the survey’s six categories. The CEO’s response: “We have great customer service.” [More]


The Federal Aviation Administration would undoubtedly get more respect from the public if it was as obscenely candid as it is in this Onion article about how horrible the airlines handle customers. Our favorite line: “The FAA has come to the determination that Spirit Airlines treats its customers like pieces of sh!t and that everyone should boycott this airline.” [via The Onion]


Spirit Airlines Switches Customer Help Numbers From Toll-Free 800 To Not-Free 801 Area Code

Need help from Spirit Airlines? It’ll cost you now: the company that brought us carry-on bag fees is cutting corners yet again, by switching its customer help numbers from the toll-free 800 area code to the not-so-free 801 area code. Of course, that change will likely only affect customers calling from a landline, at about $0.05 to $0.18 per minute. In any case, we’re not surprised. [More]

Worst Company In America Round 2: Carnival Vs. Spirit

Worst Company In America Round 2: Carnival Vs. Spirit

There is one spot left in the WCIA Anything-But-Elite 8, and these two companies are in a race to see who can get there slowest. [More]

Meet Your Worst Company In America Not-So-Sweet 16!

Meet Your Worst Company In America Not-So-Sweet 16!

Last week, 32 terrible titans of industry stepped on to the blood-stained mat of WCIA Death-and-Dismemberment Arena, but only 16 remain in this bestial battle royale to take home the treasured Golden Poo. [More]

Worst Company In America Round 1: Spirit Vs. American Airlines

Worst Company In America Round 1: Spirit Vs. American Airlines

It’s time to take to the unfriendly skies in this afternoon’s dogfight between two of your most-disliked airlines. [More]


Former Spirit Airlines Mechanic: I Was Fired After Complaining To FAA About Service Issues

A New Jersey man who had worked at Spirit Airlines for more than a decade claims he was fired last year after he and a group of his fellow aircraft mechanics filed a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration about allegedly sketchy service practices at the carrier. [More]


Spirit CEO On “Dollar Store Of The Sky” Nickname: We Might’ve Tried To Coin That

Spirit Airlines has a reputation for charging up the whatsit for every and any add-on it can come up with, so we’re not entirely surprised that CEO Ben “Fine, I Suppose We’ll Refund A Dying Man’s Ticket” Baldanza is more than okay with his airline’s reputation as the “dollar store of the sky.” Actually he wouldn’t be surprised if that was something the company came up with itself. [More]


Spirit Airlines Flight Bumps Up Against Parked US Airways Plane On Its Way To The Gate

Can you still call it a fender-bender if there are no fenders involved, and instead it’s two giant skybirds (you might know them as airplanes) having a run-in in the runway?** Or is it just a quick clip? In any case, no one was hurt and since the Spirit Airlines flight had just landed when it ran into a parked US Airways plane, passengers likely didn’t have to suffer a huge delay. [More]


Spirit Passenger Learns You Can’t Threaten Crew After Refusing To Turn Off Your Phone

We know, we know — it’s annoying that you have to turn off your phones, tablets and other electronic gadgetry on airplanes. Even Alec Baldwin hates doing so. But even if you disagree with that rule, getting feisty and threatening the flight’s crew just because you’re being inconvenienced will turn out poorly. A Spirit airlines passenger disrupted a flight heading to Florida from NYC today, causing a delay for everyone else because of a phone. [More]


Some Airlines Make It Awfully Tricky To Get A Refund Within 24 Hours Of Buying A Ticket

It’s important to know your rights when it comes to airline travel, or you could be missing out on getting a full refund on a fare you don’t need. We’ve reported before on the Department of Transportation regulation that requires airlines to give customers a full refund within 24 hours of booking a flight (if it’s booked a week or more beforehand), but some airlines make it really difficult for you to do that. [More]

Ohhh that's what we call a burn.

Spirit Airlines Rubs Salt In American Airlines’ Loose Seat Wound With 7.57% Discount Promo

Not a company to let a juicy opportunity for mockery slip by, Spirit Airlines is poking fun at American Airlines’ loose-seat woes with a new 7.57% discount promo. It’s not even a tongue-in-cheek situation — the tongue is fully out of the mouth and wagging at American with: “WE LET LOW FARES LOOSE, NOT SEATS! 7.57% OFF.” Wait, I don’t get it. [More]