Deadly Spider Hijacks Grocery Store Bananas, Gnaws Off Its Own Leg To Escape Capture

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If you haven’t been eyeing those bunches of grocery store bananas suspiciously after past spider ambushes, this most recent incident might make you pay attention. Not only did a deadly, venomous Brazilian Wandering Spider jump out of a bunch of fruit delivered by a shopping service in the UK, but it was so dedicated to getting away from captors that it gnawed its own leg off. [More]

Actual house and spiders not pictured. (Scott Lynch)

Family Abandons Home Due To Massive Spider Infestation

There’s a lovely home near St. Louis that was once worth around $450,000, and now sits abandoned and in foreclosure. The last owners won a lawsuit against the previous owners for failing to disclose one really, really important thing about the house: it is infested with thousands of brown recluse spiders. [More]

Have You Experienced An Infestation Of Car Spiders?

Have You Experienced An Infestation Of Car Spiders?

After posting about today’s recall of Suzuki Kizashi sedans that are susceptible to cracked fuel lines due to spider webs, we learned that the problem isn’t limited to Mazda and Suzuki vehicles. There have been reports of other spider-infested ventilation systems from at least two other companies, Honda and Hyundai. [More]

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19,000 Suzuki Sedans Recalled Due To Spider Infestation Risk

Today, Suzuki announced the recall of with fuel lines that are somehow irresistible to spiders. The spiders build webs in the cars’ fuel lines, which lead to negative pressure in the fuel tank and can crack fuel lines, which in turn could lead to fires. Yes, spiders could be trying to set fire to your car, garage, and home. [More]


Oh Good: 46,000 More Mazdas Susceptible To Spider Infestation

Hey, remember when a bunch of Mazda 6 vehicles were recalled back in 2011 because spiders had a tendency to infest the fuel lines and build webs, resulting in a few cracked fuel tanks and lots of nightmares? Well, it’s happening again: 46,000 more Mazda6 vehicles have been recalled. (Warning: there is a larger-than-life photo of the relevant spider species inside this post.) [More]

Great, Now We Have To Worry About Black Widow Spiders Hiding In Grapes

Great, Now We Have To Worry About Black Widow Spiders Hiding In Grapes

And you thought you only had to worry about bananas infested with deadly spiders. Ha! Silly you, because now bunches of grapes are the new cool hangout spot for venomous critters, specifically Black Widow spiders. It’s the latest in extreme eating. [More]


Deadly Spiders Ambush Family From Within A Bunch Of Supermarket Bananas

It’s looking like a bad week to be a banana: Either you’re getting slathered in mustard and cheese and stuck in an oven, or a family of spiders decides to nest all over you and freak a family out. [More]


Postal Worker Can’t Deliver The Mail Until Someone Removes That Scary Spider Web

Over here on this side of the pond, the U.S. Postal Service has a thing about not letting weather conditions keep carriers from their job. But over in England at least one carrier quailed at the sight of not rain, sleet, snow or even a big dog — a spiderweb kept the mail from delivery one fateful day. [More]


Just When You Got Over ‘Arachnophobia': Spiders Attack Kansas Air Traffic Control Station

I was in a basement. I don’t remember whose basement it was, but someone had the bright idea that instead of watching Mannequin for the 14th time we should watch Arachnophobia. After that, I had no memory of watching that movie. UNTIL NOW. Thanks, spider infestation at Kansas Air Traffic Control Station. Thanks a lot for bringing that terrifying childhood memory blazing back into my brain. [More]