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FDA Warns That Undeclared Peanuts Could Lurk In Food Containing Cumin

Life with a severe food allergy can be scary enough, but knowing that sometimes labels are inaccurate and that not all allergens are identified is even scarier. The situation right now where a batch of ground cumin was contaminated with peanuts shows that even spices and spice blends can be dangerous to people with severe enough allergies. [More]

Don’t Put Your Bread In The Fridge & Other Important Food Storage Tips

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We’ve all got a somewhat innate sense of where to store the foods we eat in our modern cultures — you’re not going to stick your ice cream in the pantry and expect it to stay frozen, or freeze your fresh apples. But what about butter — countertop or refrigerator? Should I really use that “eggs” slot on the inside of my fridge door? Answer us, oh kitchen gods! [More]

FDA: There Are Gross Things (Like Bug Parts) In 12% Of Imported Spices

FDA: There Are Gross Things (Like Bug Parts) In 12% Of Imported Spices

It’s never going to be a fun read when a report from the Food and Drug Administration includes the words “pathogen,” “filth” and “insects.” Unless your idea of fun includes learning that 12% of the spices we import for food purposes are contaminated. [More]

Have A Spice Trading Party

    First, get friends to commit and submit a list of spices they want. Then, have one or two people go to the store and purchase all of the spices on your friends’ list. They should also buy a bunch of the smallest Gladware (or similar cheap tupperware) containers you can find and some labels. Then get everyone together to divide up the spices and pay their fair share.

This is a great idea. The days of being hit on the head with a huge sack of bay leaves are over. —MEGHANN MARCO