Sony Cuts The Price Of A Year’s Subscription To PlayStation Now By More Than Half

Sony Cuts The Price Of A Year’s Subscription To PlayStation Now By More Than Half

If you’ve been eyeing PlayStation Now — Sony’s PS3 game streaming service — but if you haven’t been willing to fork over $19.99 for a month’s access or $44.99 for three months of the service, now might be your moment, as Sony is offering up a year’s subscription for $99.99. [More]

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Betamax Tapes Going Off The Market: This Post Was Not Written In 1988

You may remember the videotape format wars of the 1980s, where VHS eventually triumphed over Betamax, making that one family on your street who couldn’t borrow videos from everyone else feel very silly. After the format wars ended, Betamax didn’t vanish. Players were still manufactured until 2002, and Sony was still making tapes until very recently. [More]

Want To Watch ESPN Without Cable? Buy A PlayStation

Want To Watch ESPN Without Cable? Buy A PlayStation

Live sports — the supposed killer app that keeps people subscribing to cable when otherwise they might cut the cord — is, well, going cordless. Disney today announced a deal with Sony that will bring all of their programming, including ESPN, to a streaming service near you. At least, if you live in the right area. [More]

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How My Credit Card Company Helped Save My Broken PS4 When Sony Wouldn’t

It’s been 11 months since Michael’s brother PS4 failed, months he’s spent trying to get Sony to fix what should have been covered by the gaming console’s one-year warranty. But because there was no proof of his efforts to have the PlayStation 4 repaired under warranty, prompting Sony to basically shrug and wipe its hands of the situation, Michael had to take another route to victory. [More]

Sony recently named its upcoming virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR.

Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset Is Called…. PlayStation VR

After spending more than year referring to its virtual reality headset with the over-the-top working title Project Morpheus, Sony finally revealed the true identity of its immersive accessory, and it’s a bit of a letdown: PlayStation VR. [More]

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Sony: You Actually Shouldn’t Use Waterproof Xperia Phones Underwater

Sony’s doing a bit of an about face after touting its Xperia devices as being waterproof enough that users can take pictures and videos underwater, updating its support page to advise against doing exactly that. [More]

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Don’t Expect To Play Your PS3 Games On A PS4 Anytime Soon

Owners of Sony’s PlayStation 4 hoping the company would follow in Microsoft’s footsteps and add backwards compatibility to allow PS3 games to be played on the newer console shouldn’t hold their breath, as executives for the electronics company say they have no immediate plans to implement the technology. [More]

Levi finally gave up hope and took apart his PS4 searching for bugs and dust.

Sony Says My PS4 Is Too Infested With Bugs And Dust To Fix Under Warranty, Won’t Offer Proof

There’s a certain sense of relief provided by a warranty — when your product stops working, you can just send it in for repairs or sometimes receive a new one to replace it. But Consumerist reader Levi says he found himself out of luck after his PlayStation 4 gave him the “blue light of death,” despite the fact that it was under warranty. [More]

How Do Video Game Publishers Continue To Get Away With Mistreating Their Customers?

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It’s E3 time: the annual video game conference — still, barely nominally, a trade show — is taking place this week in Los Angeles, drawing developers, publishers, and media from around the world to gawk at titles large and small. From Facebook games to Fallout, everything is on display… including the long history of the contentious, adversarial relationship between the companies that make the games and the consumers who play them. [More]

PlayStation Vue Will Sell (Sort Of) A La Carte Pay-TV Channels;  Launches In L.A., San Francisco

PlayStation Vue Will Sell (Sort Of) A La Carte Pay-TV Channels; Launches In L.A., San Francisco

Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming pay-TV service launched earlier this year in three markets and while it offers up competition for traditional cable and satellite providers, the bundles weren’t that different from what we’ve been getting for decades. Tonight, the company announced vague plans to offer more customizable pay-TV options through Vue starting later this year. [More]

Two States Probe Apple Music Over Antitrust Concerns

Two States Probe Apple Music Over Antitrust Concerns

When Apple moved into the e-book market several years ago, the company colluded with the country’s largest book publishers to fix prices and gain a foothold in the market. Now as Apple jumps into the subscription streaming music business, at least two states are asking whether the company may be repeating itself. [More]


Why Cord-Cutters Aren’t Getting The Holy Grail TV Of Streaming Services Just Yet

As a growing number of consumers drop — or never sign up for — traditional pay-TV services, it’s easy to point to Netflix as a big reason. And yet, Netflix and similar services don’t actually replace the TV experience, especially when it comes to sports. Newer offerings, like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, replicate the live TV watching experience, but falter compared to traditional pay-TV when it comes to things like DVR functionality. What’s stopping the big players from offering an all-in-one online service now? [More]

Showtime May Soon Announce Standalone Streaming Service

Showtime May Soon Announce Standalone Streaming Service

Back in Nov. 2014, CBS CEO Les Moonves said that his company’s Showtime network would “fairly definitively” launch some sort of standalone streaming service in 2015. Since then, there hasn’t really been much news about it. But since HBO has launched HBO Now without the world coming to an end, it looks like it might be time for CBS to unveil that service. [More]

Netflix Announces First Slate Of “Recommended” TVs

Netflix Announces First Slate Of “Recommended” TVs

At International CES in January, Netflix revealed that it was going to begin evaluating web-connected TV sets to determine which ones were the best for accessing Netflix’s videos. Today, the company unveiled its first slate TVs that will carry its “Recommended” badge of distinction. [More]

Report: New Streaming TV Services Trying To Sidestep Net Neutrality Rule

Report: New Streaming TV Services Trying To Sidestep Net Neutrality Rule

A segment of consumers has for many years been begging for an unbundled, à la carte option for programming. That future is now taking its first shambling steps into our homes — only, it’s happening through the magic of the internet, and not in pay-TV subscriptions. But right now, we are in a particularly turbulent time for sorting out the rules of what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to giving preferential treatment to certain services. While the virtual ink is still drying on the brand-new, not-yet-implemented open internet rule, new players in the field of over-the-top internet TV are already trying to see just how far that rule bends. [More]

6 Things To Think About Before Paying $50-$70/Month For PlayStation Vue

6 Things To Think About Before Paying $50-$70/Month For PlayStation Vue

After months of limited testing without a price tag, Sony’s PlayStation Vue live TV streaming service launched today in only a few markets with packages ranging from $50/month to $70/month. Since I live in Philadelphia, one of the launch cities, I was able to get my hands on Vue to determine how it stacks up against basic cable and Dish’s recently debuted Sling TV service. [More]

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Sony Unveils Pricing For PlayStation Vue Streaming Service, Confirming It’s Not Very Cheap

For months now Sony has left the pricing details of its PlayStation Vue streaming television service up to our wandering imaginations. Now the company has all but confirmed previous reports that the service would cost a pretty penny, while announcing its availability in certain areas of the country starting today. [More]

Sling TV Adding More Channels To Base Package, Now Works On Xbox One

Sling TV Adding More Channels To Base Package, Now Works On Xbox One

Dish’s standalone streaming Sling TV service continues to add more value to its $20/month subscription price, with the announcement today that Sling is now accessible through Xbox One consoles and that four channels are being added to the standard Sling lineup. [More]