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Worker’s Lawsuit Claims Company Fired Her After She Removed App That Tracked Her Location 24/7

It’s perfectly acceptable for a company to want to know what its workers are up to on the job, but one woman in California says her employers took it too far when they allegedly required her and others to not only keep their phones on around the clock, but submit to GPS monitoring via an app she says had to install as a condition of her employment. [More]

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FAA Steps Up Oversight Of United Airlines, Citing Violations Of Pilot Qualifications & Scheduling Issues

The Federal Aviation Administration has been fixing its baleful stare on United Airlines for the last two months, after writing in a letter to the airline pointing out potential risks due to alleged repeated violations of mandatory pilot qualification and scheduling requirements. [More]

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Retailers Only Have Eyes For You With Latest Online Marketing Efforts

On the one hand, it can be very convenient to get a coupon emailed to you based on your obsession with tacos. On the other, having every website you visit blast your eyes with ads for the same darn pair of lime green shoes you already bought as part of a Halloween costume and never intend to buy again. But some retailers say they’re working on tailoring such marketing efforts down to each person individually, to maximize effectiveness and cut down on irritation. [More]


iPhone Owner Watching Thief’s Selfies Post To Her Facebook Account

Vanity, thy name is smartphone thief: We’re no strangers to the tale of the narcissistic villain who’s ultimately caught after uploading photos taken on the pilfered phones somewhere the owner can see them. That’s the ending one iPhone owner is hoping for, as she’s been watching the person who stole her device unwittingly send them straight to the owner’s Facebook account. [More]


Study: Some Popular Android Apps Tracking User Location Once Every Three Minutes

While it can be very useful to have say, a weather app on your smartphone that knows where you are when you want to find out current conditions for your location, does that mean that those apps should be able to know where you are even when you aren’t using the app? That’s a question raised by a new forthcoming study that found about dozen apps for Android smartphones are not only tracking where you are right now, but three minutes from now. And three minutes after that. And so on. [More]

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Restaurant Co-Owner Accused Of Creeping On Women With Camera Hidden In Bathroom

Police in Maryland say the co-owner of a local restaurant group took advantage of his customers in one of the most invasive ways possible, by allegedly setting up a video camera in the women’s restroom at one of his restaurants so he could secretly film them going to the bathroom. And cue those shudders, folks. [More]

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Beware What You Share: Cops Say Facebook Posts About Inheritance Inspired Robbery

When you’re posting on social media, you never really know who out there is reading your posts, watching and waiting for the perfect time to take advantage of your willingness to share the details of your life. So if you’ve suddenly come into a bunch of money, be careful where you go talking about that exciting news. [More]


GM: This Is Awkward, But Those Corvette Valet Cams Might Be Illegal

Having an extra pair of eyes and ears to keep watch over your expensive ride might sound like a wonderful idea, but GM is now warning owners of its new Corvette that those valet nanny cams might be illegal, depending on where you live. [More]


Online Gamers Watch Home Invasion Unfold Live At Fellow Player’s House Via Webcam

While your computer’s webcam can be a source of scariness if someone is watching who shouldn’t be, it could also be a valuable witness when things go awry. To wit: Police in Tempe, Ariz. have arrested one suspect and are looking for another, after online gamers from around the world watched a home invasion unfolding live via their fellow player’s webcam. [More]

Russian Official To Hotel Critics: We Have Surveillance Videos Of You In The Bathroom

Russian Official To Hotel Critics: We Have Surveillance Videos Of You In The Bathroom

What’s that, Olympic Games attendee? You’ve got a dirty hotel room with beers under the bed in Sochi? Your room has no hot water, or no water at all? Well,  your complaints are aimed at trying to sabotage Sochi’s shining moment, said one official in response to Western critics. [More]

LG Admits Its Smart TVs Collected Info, Promises Fix So Customers Can Actually Opt Out

LG Admits Its Smart TVs Collected Info, Promises Fix So Customers Can Actually Opt Out

Remember how a few days ago, we found out that LG’s Smart TVs were a little too smart, and were not only monitoring what customers watched in order to pitch better ads — whether or not you turned that setting off — but they also gathered filenames from connected USB drives? It’s backpedal time, ladies and gents: LG has issued a statement apologizing and promising to make everything right. [More]

LG Smart TVs Are So Smart, They Might Be Spying On You While You Change Channels

LG Smart TVs Are So Smart, They Might Be Spying On You While You Change Channels

Is this the start of the humans vs. machine war, where our smart devices decide they’ve had enough of sitting back and watching our species click around on TVs and swipe our phones and just revolt? Let’s hope not, but a blogger in England does think he’s figured out that LG Smart TVs are so smart, they’re actually spying on us. [More]


Google Loses Appeal Over Street View Cars Snooping On Home Wi-Fi Connections

Google lost its appeal in federal court yesterday over whether or not its Street View cars invaded people’s privacy by collecting info through their home Wi-Fi systems as it drove through their neighborhoods. [More]


FTC: Webcam Company’s Lax Security Led To Invasions Of Privacy

It’s all fun and Internet-connected games until someone gets spied on, says the Federal Trade Commission in a recent action it’s taking to protect consumers from seemingly innocent digital devices. The Internet of Things makes it so we can be online all the time, with our appliances, vehicles and many other objects we interact with on a daily basis. But the FTC is warning customers about webcams from TRENDnet that might not be so secure. [More]

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Google: Of Course We’re Going To See What’s In Emails Sent To Gmail Addresses, Don’t Be Silly

Raise your hand if you use Gmail. Now look around at your pals, who are ostensibly reading this with you and are perhaps one of 425 million Gmail users. Anyone sending email to those people apparently have no “reasonable expectation” that those communications are confidential, according to a court filing submitted by Google. [More]

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London Asks Company To Stop Monitoring Foot Traffic By Tracking Smartphones Of Passers-By

You know that tingly feeling you get at the nape of your neck when it feels like someone’s watching you? Londoners might be getting that titchy touch of spy vibes just from walking past recycling bins in the city. Officials have told a company it has to stop using those bins to track the smartphones of people strolling by, because [insert whole lot of privacy concerns right here]. [More]


Clicking On Shady Links To Download Apps Is A Super Easy Way To Get Your Phone Hacked

Listen, it’s not like we’re trying to be nags, here. It’s just that it is so very easy for n’er-do-wells to hack into your private life and we want to make sure you’re safe and sound. We’re not the only ones to drive home this point, as one security expert shows with a simple hack he made that looks like an app but is really an insidious, spying piece of malware. [More]


California Bill Seeks To Give Consumers Access To All That Personal Data Companies Are Mining

We all know (or should know) by now that there’s a whole lot of information about us floating out there on the Internet. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others are busy collecting that info from data brokers and using it in ways seen and unseen. But it’s hard to put a finger on just what about you these companies have, something a new bill called the Right to Know Act is seeking to change in California. [More]