Some Merchandise From Closing Walmarts Will End Up For Sale On Amazon

The news that 154 Walmart stores would be closing in the United States was devastating to employees and to the communities left without grocery stores or pharmacies, but there’s one group of people who were delighted at the news. Bargain-hunters, sure, but especially the subset of bargain-hunters who resell their purchases online at a profit. [More]

We wouldn't have these without Kinney.

From humble beginnings on a farm in Maine to becoming the king of frozen fish sticks at Gorton’s, as well as serving as the CEO of General Mills, E. Robert Kinney made his mark on the food industry. He passed away earlier this month at the age of 96, but will be remembered every time someone crunches into Gorton’s frozen seafood. Here’s to hoping he’s strolling along in that big grocery store in the sky. [via Bangor Daily News]

AT&T Mobility's CEO Stan Sigman Retires After 42 Years

AT&T Mobility's CEO Stan Sigman Retires After 42 Years

AT&T Mobility’s CEO Stan Sigman has announced his retirement after 42 years with the company. The AP says:

Sigman began his career with Southwestern Bell Telephone as a stockman in 1965. He stayed with the company as it grew from the smallest Baby Bell to the nation’s largest telecommunications company through a series of aggressive acquisitions.

How nice.