It Snot Nose Candy

It Snot Nose Candy

Just what the world constabulary of disgusting children needs: a plastic schnozz you fit over your real honker and into which you poke your tongue to eat candy boogers.

Inventions Can Always Be Improved: Nose-Pouch Handkerchief

Inventions Can Always Be Improved: Nose-Pouch Handkerchief

Over at Strange New Products we saw this amazing handkerchief with a built-in nose pocket for catching and collecting expelled mucus. But the other alternatives are so much more amazing. Dye it black, blow your nose, then let go. Now you’ve got the perfect ninja mask. Fold one corner into the pocket and balance it upon the crown of your head — a respectable yarmulke. Turn it upside down and it fills the function of collecting unwanted post-coital drippings.