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Great, Now Hackers Are Apparently Hiding Malware In Job Applications Submitted Online

Though we often think of all the stress in a hiring process as being on the side of the job seeker, businesses have a new potential part of the process to worry about: Researchers say hackers are infecting companies by slipping malware in along with resumes submitted through job posting website CareerBuilder.com. [More]


5 Airline Employees Accused Of Smuggling Cash Through Boston Airport In Money Laundering Sting

While we’ve heard about plenty of thieving airport workers in the past, rifling through luggage and picking up money and merchandise as they go, officials at Boston’s Logan International Airport arrested five airline employees for a different kind of luggage crime — smuggling cash in bags as part of an alleged money laundering operation. [More]

Best Buy Sneaky Sneaky Calibration Tricks Make a Comeback

Best Buy Sneaky Sneaky Calibration Tricks Make a Comeback

Remember when Best Buy was using HD channels to make “Calibrated” televisions seem miraculously better? Well, their methods have changed, but using different cables to improve definition doesn’t mean they’ve improved.