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L.A. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Removes Pot-Smoking Santa Painting From The Window After Complaints

If the legal marijuana industry learns anything from Big Tobacco’s experience in this country, it’s that mixing kids and smoking is just not going to fly, as the industry found out with the banishment of Joe Camel and his ilk. So even if medical marijuana is legal in California, it’s not legal for anyone under 18. You know, or anyone who might believe in Santa Claus. [More]


Massachusetts Town Decides Against Banning Tobacco Sales After Outcry

After floating the idea of possibly banning all tobacco sales within city limits, a Massachusetts town’s Board of Health has decided to give up the proposal after some residents protested the effort, saying they should be able to buy cigarettes and other products in their own town. [More]


Massachusetts City Considering Banning Tobacco Sales Completely

While most cities have banned smoking indoors in public places, and companies like CVS have decided to stop selling cigarettes outright, no U.S. town has actually banned the sale of tobacco… yet. One Massachusetts city is considering taking tobacco off the shelves, a choice that would make it the first town to do so. [More]


Cigarette Company Reynolds Finally Bans Indoor Smoking At The Workplace

Look around you. Is anyone you work with currently puffing away on a cigarette inside? Is smoke curling up from the cubicles nearby? Not likely, but while smoking inside at the workplace is a thing of the past for most companies today, there’s one business where it was still welcome, until now at least: Reynolds American, makers of Camel cigarettes, announced this week that its employees will no longer be allowed to smoke indoors as of Jan. 1, 2015. [More]

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Study: Raising Cigarette Prices Means People Drink Less Beer & Booze

For those who drink and smoke, it’s no surprise that often, the more you smoke, the more you end up drinking, and vice versa. So it follows that when state taxes make cigarettes more expensive, you might be inclined to smoke less, and as such, you might end up drinking less beer and whiskey as a result. That’s the effect rising cigarette prices have on alcohol consumption (except for wine), say researchers in a new study that looks at consumption habits of smokers and drinkers. [More]

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Oregon Proposes Smoking Ban For All 362 Miles Of Its Coastline

Any beachgoers that enjoy puffing away on a cigarette while they sit on the sand or frolic in the surf may have to get their nicotine fix elsewhere, as Oregon has proposed a ban on smoking that would include all 362 miles of beaches on its coastline. [More]

Proposed Regulations On E-Cigarettes Include Health Warning Label, Age Restrictions

Proposed Regulations On E-Cigarettes Include Health Warning Label, Age Restrictions

It only took five years, but the Food and Drug Administration is ready to begin regulating electronic cigarettes. While the new rule covers a lot of ground with the never-before regulated devices, it doesn’t deal with some of critics’ more controversial concerns. [More]

E-Cigarettes: A Reliable Smoking Alternative Or Vials Of Toxic Poison?

E-Cigarettes: A Reliable Smoking Alternative Or Vials Of Toxic Poison?

For more than 50 years the Surgeon General has warned consumers of the risks associated with smoking cigarettes. Since that time, many products introduced as alternatives. One of the most recent, and popular options is the use of e-cigarettes. But poison control officials say the reusable sticks contain enough nicotine to be bad for your health. [More]

Colorado, Utah Propose 21 As Legal Age To Smoke; Florida Mulls E-Cig Ban For Minors

Colorado, Utah Propose 21 As Legal Age To Smoke; Florida Mulls E-Cig Ban For Minors

Following the lead of New York City’s former health cowboy — err, mayor Michael Bloomberg, two Western states changing how wild the West can be for anyone under 21: Colorado and Utah are both considering raising the legal age to smoke tobacco from 18 to 21. Meanwhile down in Florida, legislators are proposing banning e-cigarettes for minors. [More]

NYC Adds E-Cigarettes To The List Of Things You Can’t Smoke In Many Public Places

NYC Adds E-Cigarettes To The List Of Things You Can’t Smoke In Many Public Places

New York City has had a strict ban on smoking in many public places like bars, restaurants, workplaces, stores and since 2002, with the addition of parks and public plazas in 2011. But even if that smoke isn’t really smoke, and is vapor from an e-cigarette, well now you can’t do that either, after Mayor Michael Bloomberg helped push a measure through the city council that extends the smoking ban to e-cigs. [More]

New York City Council Votes To Raise Legal Smoking Age From 18 To 21

New York City Council Votes To Raise Legal Smoking Age From 18 To 21

Any 17-year-olds in New York City ticking off the days until they come of legal age and can go out to buy cigarettes or other tobacco should probably know that the City Council just voted to move the legal age to buy tobacco products — and also e-cigarettes — from 18 to 21. Keep ticking those days off. [More]


Tobacco Companies Say Kids Shouldn’t Smoke — So What’s With Fruit-Flavored Cigars?

Tobacco companies have insisted in the past that they don’t think kids should smoke and aren’t marketing to them, but we can’t imagine as many adults go for fruity- or candy-flavored cigars as the younger set. Those are just as bad for your health as cigarettes, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and middle and high school kids just love’em. [More]


Can Kids Recognize Cigarette Logos Even Without Cartoon Camels Involved?

Long gone are the days of Joe Camel and his cartoon pals gamboling across cigarette ads and peering out from packages, but does that mean kids don’t recognize certain brands of smokes when they see them? Nope, says one study — even without blatant gimmicks to draw in the younger set, children can still tell cigarette logos apart from each other. [More]


Study: Anti-Smoking Messages Work Best On Youngsters If They’re On The Front Of The Pack

Seeing apparently only translates to the younger set believing when anti-smoking messages appear on the front of cigarette packages, says one study, and don’t have much effect when they’re displayed on the back. Researchers studied a set of British teenagers using both text warnings on the front and back as well as anti-smoking photos [More]

Australian Smokers Think Plain Packaging Makes Tobacco Taste Worse

Australian Smokers Think Plain Packaging Makes Tobacco Taste Worse

Plain tobacco packaging is a global movement aimed at undoing decades of ads and branding messages. Tobacco products get sold in identical plain boxes with only plain letters on the front: no logos, no pictures. Well, that’s not true: there are gruesome pictures of smoking-related illnesses. Plain packaging is now the law in Australia, and smokers don’t like it. Because they say their tobacco tastes different now. [More]

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Starbucks Bans Smoking Within 25 Feet Of Stores

Starting tomorrow, Starbucks customers who wish to smoke will need to head out to the parking lot or down the street, as the national coffee chain is enacting a ban on smoking within 25 of its stores. [More]

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NYC Lawmakers Propose Raising Smoking Age To 21

The same morning that the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the tobacco industry’s fight against new warning labels, lawmakers and regulators in New York City have proposed making it illegal for anyone younger than 21 to buy cigarettes. [More]

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Why Does Target Need To Scan My Driver’s License To Sell Me Nicotine Patches?

Rodney’s son asked him to pick up some nicotine patches, so he did. Rodney, an ex-smoker himself, knows the agony of nicotine withdrawal, and was happy to help him out. Up to a point. He wasn’t happy enough to let Target scan his driver’s license and hold on to the information that he had bought nicotine patches when he hasn’t smoked in years. The thing is, his caution is entirely justified. He could very well land on a data broker’s list of recent smokers. [More]