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FedEx SmartPost Package Takes A Week To Tour Southern California, Tantalizingly Near My House

Tim’s new shirt from Teefury didn’t have to go very far. It just had to make a short trip across the Los Angeles hypermetroplex. But somehow the eventual delivery service that is FedEx SmartPost couldn’t get the package to go in a straight line, which meant that it took a meandering route around the area. Really, they could have put the shirt in a cardboard tube and rolled it to Tim faster. [More]

How Is FedEx SmartPost So Freaking Slow?

How Is FedEx SmartPost So Freaking Slow?

J. likes ordering from Woot, but hates FedEx SmartPost, the company’s shipping method of choice. Describing it as “some sort of misbegotten bastard child of FedEx and the US Postal Service,” J. calculates that it would actually be faster to travel from Woot HQ in Texas to his home on Brooklyn by bicycle. Which would be helpful if he weren’t ordering inanimate objects. [More]

Watch Out For FedEx SmartPost

Watch Out For FedEx SmartPost

Cristiana says beware the trap of sending things via FedEx SmartPost: the USPS handles the local part of delivery, and “since you now have two shipping companies involved, nobody wants to take responsibility for the package” when it never arrives. [More]