Google Reportedly Adding Buy Button To Sponsored Mobile Search Results

Searching for and buying a product with your smartphone is about to get a bit easier. Google is reportedly just weeks away from adding a “buy” button to mobile search results, a move that will increase the company’s rivalry with other online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. [More]


IKEA Making Furniture With Built-In Charging Stations

Rummaging through drawers to find the right power cord for your smartphone, tablet and other electronic devices can be a frustrating task. Soon, though, you might be able to juice up your device simply by placing it on the IKEA bookshelf, desk or nightstand littering your home. [More]


Minnesota Becomes First State To Sign A Smartphone “Kill Switch” Law

Just a few weeks after California’s “Kill Switch” bill for smartphones failed, Minnesota has become the first state to sign such a bill into law. Starting July 1, 2015, it will be against the law to sell a smartphone in Minnesota without antitheft software already installed, so owners can deactivate the phone if it’s lost or stolen. [More]

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With New iPhone Looming, Walmart Announces Smartphone Trade-In Program

The folks at Apple will soon reveal a new iPhone, inevitably leaving some consumers looking at their current device while asking, “What did I ever see in you in the first place?” Walmart, however, still sees some value in that phone you don’t love anymore (especially in terms of its resale value on the secondary market — hubba hubba) and is willing to take it off your hands. But is it a good deal? [More]

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Everyone Spent Christmas Day Activating Their Shiny New Gadgets & Downloading Apps

Forget those crackling fireplaces, this year Americans were lit by the soft, blue electric glow of their brand new Android and iOS devices on Christmas Day, as more people spent the holiday activating their gadgets and downloading apps. Nothing like quality time with the ones you love and all your electronics, eh? [More]

Bought a New iPhone Within The Last Month And Hate Yourself/Apple For It? 'S All Good

Bought a New iPhone Within The Last Month And Hate Yourself/Apple For It? 'S All Good

Molly just bought an iPhone 3G, only to find out Monday that Apple would be releasing a better, faster, more compass-y phone, the iPhone 3 G S, June 19. She had two options — keep the suddenly not-so-new-seeming iPhone 3G while pining for the newer, hotter model, or head to the AT&T store and regulate.

Meet The New iPhone, Not Quite The Same As The Old iPhone

Meet The New iPhone, Not Quite The Same As The Old iPhone

Another year, another iPhone. Next up to drive early adopters furious is the newly announced iPhone 3G S, which opens applications faster, goes easier on the battery, packs a sharper camera, records video, includes voice control and adds a compass that points to the inevitable reality that Apple will announce a fourth iPhone next year.