(JD Hancock)

Capital One Android App Traps My Phone In Infinite Updateless Loop

David’s Android smartphone, a Galaxy S, is still working just fine. It just has one problem: he can’t upgrade it to a newer version of the Android operating system. He’s stuck on 2.2. So what? It doesn’t affect him all that much except for how his bank’s app requires a newer version of Android than that. His phone gets stuck in a loop of being unable to update. [More]


Cinemark Will Bribe You Not To Text For An Entire Movie

People are rude. They just won’t put down their phones in movie theaters. Some movie houses have taken to throwing texters out, but Cinemark is trying a different tactic. The chain’s smartphone apps now have a module that will reward moviegoers for the arduous experience of watching an entire movie without texting. [More]

Use Local Stores As Amazon Showrooms, Get Amazon Discount

Use Local Stores As Amazon Showrooms, Get Amazon Discount

Consumerist readers and editors alike often joke that electronics retail stores are real-life showrooms for Amazon and Newegg, but tomorrow (December 10) Amazon is offering up to $15 in discounts to customers who do just that. And help them spy on local brick-and-mortar retailers while they’re at it. [More]