Online Fraudster Interviewed

Online Fraudster Interviewed

SmallWorldPodcast interviewed El Mariachi, a man who commits online fraud and identity theft. The interview reveals details about another scammer, Dillinger, who was involved with the ATM hacks of the ill-fabled “Russian Connection” scandal.

Consumerist on G4, Small World Podcast

We did a good a whole bunch of media-whoring this week. In addition to CNBC, we also hit up G4’s Attack of the Show to talk about viral marketing.

John Dillinger Was a Bank Robber Who Walked Through Walls

John Dillinger Was a Bank Robber Who Walked Through Walls

Last week, we linked to an excellent interview where Bazooka Joe at Small World Podcast spoke with an individual going by the name of “John Dillinger” who participated in the big ATM PIN block crisis. His involvement was to embed blank cards with the hacked PINS, withdraw the money from ATMs, and send back a percentage to his uplink. John Dillinger commented on the post to make sure we got the story straight: