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Banana Republic’s “Startup Guy” Has Half-Tucked In Shirt, Cool Belt, No Female Counterpart

You know who dresses like this guy in a Banana Republic promo? Bradley Cooper, Jude Law and possibly Robert Pattinson, when he’s not busy being a sparkly vampire ingenue. Men accustomed to a certain amount of leisure, the sort who may encounter perfectly fine beach sand at any moment, thus requiring them to unshod their feet so they walk toward the frothy, cool water lapping at the shore near their villas. No socks required in that lifestyle! You know who probably doesn’t so much dress like this? Startup guys, despite Banana Republic’s attempt to convince us otherwise. [More]

Tiny, Printed Semiconductors Will Help You Buy Wine

Tiny, Printed Semiconductors Will Help You Buy Wine

One problem with wine is it’s impossible to remember what type goes with what food. Thankfully smart people are working around the clock, or at least 9 to 5, to solve this problem, by developing super-cheap semiconductors that can be printed with inkjets.

HealthSouth Paid For Someone's Fake Boobs

HealthSouth Paid For Someone's Fake Boobs

Most medical company execs get dinged for being too stingy with their company’s funds. But it’s quite the opposite for former HealthSouth bossman Richard Scrushy, who was quite the giver.

Gawker’s Newest Gossip Sheet: Vallywag

Gawker’s Newest Gossip Sheet: Vallywag

The inherent nepotism of the Gawker elite requires us to point out that we’ve launched a wonderful new site, Valleywag. Their blurb: “Valleywag is a tech gossip rag. You people in Silicon Valley are far too busy changing the world to care about sex, greed and hypocrisy. But if you ever need a break, come visit us at Valleywag.”