Hello, future regret. Or not, who knows.

Teen Will Have Fun Explaining To Grandkids Why He’s Got A Tattoo Of A McDonald’s Receipt

We can picture it now: A cozy scene in front of a blazing fire, 50 years hence. “Gather round, children. It’s time your Grandpa finally explained why he tattooed a McDonald’s receipt on his arm at the tender young age of 18.” Because yes, that happened. [More]

Bar Debuts Drink Called “Date Grape Kool-Aid,” Outrage Inevitably Ensues

Bar Debuts Drink Called “Date Grape Kool-Aid,” Outrage Inevitably Ensues

There are some serious topics you can joke about: Life’s unavoidable death sentence? Hilarious. The frailty of man in the face a cold and unforgiving universe? Knee-slapping good fun. But naming a drink after the very serious, unfunny subject of date rape? Nope. Tell that to a bar in Spokane, Wa., where a new “Date Grape Kool-Aid” drink is now on the menu. [More]

Oh Lovely, It Seems We Need To Do A Round-Up Of 9/11 Promotions


We’ve barely seen any tacky 9/11 promotions over the years but this year… [head shake] there’s something about this year’s anniversary of the attacks that has companies and businesses climbing all over themselves to prove they, too, can push out a tone deaf promo in the name of patriotism and respect. We’ve seen a golf course do it, AT&T did it, and now we’ve got enough additional examples today that we have to do a round-up of the awful things.  [More]