Shake Shack Debuts Limited Test Of Chicken Sandwich, As Predicted

Shake Shack fans with a taste for chicken might want to visit New York soon: After earlier reports that the company was ready to make a move into chicken sandwiches, the burger chain says it’s debuted a ChickenShack sandwich at its three Brooklyn locations for a limited time. If successful, Shake Shack might expand the poultry option nationwide. [Shake Shack]


Report: Shake Shack Considering Getting Into The Chicken Game

Though burger chain Shake Shack has yet to extend its reach to every state or even region of the United States, the company is reportedly ready to start looking beyond beef patties and enter the chicken sandwich arena, according to a new report. [More]


Can New McDonald’s CEO Turn Tide Against Antibiotic Abuse In Farm Animals?

Since the Food and Drug Administration won’t set down hard-and-fast rules on non-medical antibiotic use in farm animals, it’s up to the farmers and the companies who buy the most meat to make a change that will cut down on the use of drugs that result in bigger cows, pigs, and chickens, but also put us all at risk for drug-resistant pathogens. [More]

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Shake Shack To Go Public, Become Subject Of Endless “I Ate There Before…” Rants

If you live in a city that doesn’t have a Shake Shack, you probably have a friend (or a Facebook acquaintance) who has remarked on how much better the food is there than at other burger joints. Now comes the news that Shake Shack is going public and planning to continue its growth, meaning you may finally be able to judge for yourself, but that the aforementioned friend will now regularly refer to how he or she used to wait in line for hours when there was only one Shack blah blah blah. [More]

Shake Shack Makes Up For Gift Card Confusion, Keeps The Burgers Coming

Shake Shack Makes Up For Gift Card Confusion, Keeps The Burgers Coming

Steve’s boss gave him a $250 gift card to restaurants owned by the Union Square Hospitality Group, a company that operates a number of four-star restaurants in New York City, and… the corporate parent of Shake Shack. He happily bought burgers with it for a while, until one terrible day when his card was rejected. He couldn’t use the remaining $80 at Shake Shack, he was told. He was sad. He sent a quick e-mail. Then he got on with his life. [More]

How To Make The Shake Shack Burger At Home

How To Make The Shake Shack Burger At Home

Shake Shack is a place that has burgers (example pictured here) that people in NYC seem to think are good. We have not personally tried said burgers, but we’ve yet to meet someone who has that isn’t enthusiastic about them. With that in mind, we direct you to a recipe that claims to allow you to make the Shake Shack burger at home.