Customs Cutbacks Result In Several Hours Of Waiting In Line For Some Travelers

Customs Cutbacks Result In Several Hours Of Waiting In Line For Some Travelers

Going through customs after an international flight can sometimes be a hassle, but the line for passengers arriving back home in their country of residence usually moves much faster than those visitors from other nations. Try telling that to American travelers landing at DFW International in Texas, where some have spent hours and hours waiting in line just to clear customs. [More]


Shocker: Having Fewer Air-Traffic Controllers On The Job Results In Flight Delays

We probably don’t need to tell you, especially if you’re reading this on your phone while waiting for your flight, but when you cut the hours of the people whose job it is to control air-traffic, you’re probably going to end up with some traffic jams. [More]


I Am Sequestration, Here Me Roar: FAA Closing 173 Air Traffic Control Towers

While the government warned of annoying long lines at airports across the country as a result of the budget cuts imposed by the March 1 sequestration, things haven’t seemed too bad yet (except for the usual weather woes). But it sounds like air travel is on the way to  getting more annoying, as the Federal Aviation Administration says it’s going to shut down 173 air traffic control towers at smaller airports around the country on April 7. [More]