Asian-American Sephora Customers With Closed Accounts File Discrimination Lawsuit

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the claims of some loyal Sephora customers who found that their accounts for placing online orders (and more importantly, for collecting rewards points) had been shut down. While Sephora claimed that account shutdowns were aimed at people buying large amounts of makeup to re-sell, customers complained that the only thing the company looked at was whether a given customer had a Chinese surname. Now customers living in the United States whose accounts were closed are filing a class action suit against the company. [More]

Customers Accuse Sephora Of Banning Shoppers With Asian Surnames

Customers Accuse Sephora Of Banning Shoppers With Asian Surnames

Would Sephora really ban customers who spend thousands of dollars every year with them? Last year, frequent customers say they had their ability to place online orders taken away for buying too much stuff. This year, frequent customers report having their accounts shut down or their ability to place orders restricted. Funny, thing though: all of these customers have e-mail addresses based in China, or Chinese surnames. [More]


Is Sephora Really Banning Customers Who Spend Thousands Every Year?

It was news to us that beauty superstore Sephora recently debuted a new tier to its customer loyalty program. VIB Rouge is for customers who spend at least $1,000 per year at Sephora stores, because some people manage to do that. Some customers report that they were banned from online purchases for placing too many orders. This seems like a bad idea.  [More]

Google Helpouts Are Live, And Lots Of “Experts” Are Giving Out Free Advice

Google Helpouts Are Live, And Lots Of “Experts” Are Giving Out Free Advice

In August, Google announced the creation of Google Helpouts, a live chat service that lets semi-vetted, self-declared experts in any number of fields make themselves available for help, guidance, and tutorials for a price. The service is finally live, and in some categories, there are plenty of people willing to give their advice away for free, along with a number of retailers hoping you’ll come to them for help. [More]


Loyalty Programs Add Fancy Levels For Big-Spending Customers

When you’re running a retail business, the customers who spend the most in your store are valuable and magical creatures. Loyalty cards let you return that love to your customers. Sort of. Some companies are taking rewards cards a step further, rewarding their most loyal customers (probably the ones with the most money) with special perks. [More]


UPS Refuses To Deliver Package, Messes Up My Daughter’s Birthday

Julie currently lives far away from her daughter, and went her a wonderful box of gifts from cosmetics retailer Sephora for her recent 14th birthday. What a lovely surprise! Or it would have been if UPS hadn’t refused to release the package with a mere signed slip because it had been redirected after getting sent to Julie’s billing address initially. The package was significantly delayed past her birthday, and the surprise became significantly less fun. [More]


Just What We Don’t Need — More Gift Cards! And This One’s From Facebook

Say the word “gift card” around Consumerist HQ and hackles will raise at an alarming rate. Which is why we’re greeting the news of a new gift card offered by Facebook with what one might call, “extreme wariness and trepidation.” Building on the social network’s recent launch of Facebook Gifts, these cards will be able to hold balances for multiple retailers and are reusable. [More]

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Sephora Explains That “2-Day Shipping” Actually Means “3 To 4 Days”

The other day we told you about an unhappy Sephora.com customer whose expedited order was not delivered on time, and who was stuck with the expedited shipping charges. Sephora now explains to Consumerist that the customer doesn’t understand Sephora’s peculiar take on the definition of “two days.” [More]

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Sephora Says I’m Stuck With Expedited Shipping Charges Even Though Purchase Didn’t Arrive On Time

If you pay a premium to get an order within a specific period of time, then it would only make sense that you’d get a refund on that extra shipping cost if the order doesn’t arrive in time. But apparently not when you order from Sephora. [More]

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5 Best Stores For Having Playdates While You Shop

To all the parents of young children out there who are constantly wrangled into making playdates for your kid(s). Just because you’ve scheduled a playdate for your little one(s), it doesn’t mean you can’t also get in some all-important shopping while the youngsters amuse each other for a few hours. [More]

Sephora Replaces Fancy Skin Care Stuff Broken In Mail, No Questions Asked

Sephora Replaces Fancy Skin Care Stuff Broken In Mail, No Questions Asked

Alexis ordered a few bottles of, in her words, “fancy skin care stuff” from Sephora, and one bottle arrived broken and making a huge, soapy mess. Preparing to fight for a replacement, she was pleasantly surprised when the Sephora representative told her that they’d send her a replacement: no need to return the bottle. [More]

What Do You Think Of The Stores-Within-Stores Trend?

What Do You Think Of The Stores-Within-Stores Trend?

These days, more and more big box and department store chains are taking a cue from shopping malls by renting out floor space to retailers to create smaller stores within stores. It’s a model that has helped some businesses to stay afloat in these tough times, but does it benefit you? [More]

Sephora Redefines "Free," Forgets To Mention Required Purchase

Sephora Redefines "Free," Forgets To Mention Required Purchase

Kayce writes that back in June, she saw an offer online from beauty retailer Sephora promising a free manicure to promote the launch of a new nail decal. She hadn’t seen anything that claimed any kind of purchase was required, and was confused when she learned that the “free” manicure required a $15 purchase. [More]

Up-To-The-Minute Coupon Codes For Hot Sales

Up-To-The-Minute Coupon Codes For Hot Sales

The deal aficionados on the FatWallet message boards have various discussion threads devoted to providing the most current coupons for a slew of stores. Rather then dig for them, here’s a master list of their official store coupons and clearance threads. Members routinely get rid of dead coupons and post new ones, so this is definitely one to bookmark: [More]

Grin, Then Wear It: Benefit Cosmetics Responds To Consumerist

Grin, Then Wear It: Benefit Cosmetics Responds To Consumerist

Last week, reader Brianna contacted Consumerist about her issues with the defective packaging of a Benefit Cosmetics products, as well as the treatment she received from their e-mail customer service rep. Benefit saw our post, and their PR department responded to Brianna’s story.

Benefit Hopes You Buy More Of Their Defectively Packaged Product

Benefit Hopes You Buy More Of Their Defectively Packaged Product

UPDATE: Grin, Then Wear It: Benefit Cosmetics Responds To Consumerist