Does This $68 T-Shirt Design Resemble Neo-Nazi Band’s Album Cover?

Should this design get the boot?

What is it about highly controversial designs that summon up dark moments in humanity’s past that are just so darn attractive to designers and retailers? To wit: A $68 Marc by Marc Jacobs T-shirt currently sold by Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and many others bears an image that closely mirrors that used on an album cover by Neo-Nazi skinhead band, Skrewdriver. [More]

Lawsuit Accuses Microsoft Of Double Billing Xbox Live

Lawsuit Accuses Microsoft Of Double Billing Xbox Live Customers

For Xbox 360 users to have access to online gaming, they need to get a paid subscription to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service. But a new lawsuit alleges that the service’s “vague and onerous terms of use,” are leading subscribers to be double-billed. [More]