Sears Re-Announces Recall Of Dehumidifiers Because No One Prefers Fires Over Humidity

Would you rather have a humid living environment, or one that’s on fire? Ding ding — we’re pretty sure the owners of 800,000 dehumidifiers sold by Sears would agree with you. The retailer is again reminding consumers of a recall for a product line that had issues last summer, again, over fires linked to using the Kenmore dehumidifiers. Now might be a good time to check on your dehumidifier. [More]

10 Things We Learned This Week About Why Sears Is So Terrible

10 Things We Learned This Week About Why Sears Is So Terrible

In our posts about Sears, we often observe that the company seems like an anti-capitalist prank, a retail giant that thrashes around aimlessly until the real estate market picks up. It turns out that we were kind of half right. Manifesto-writing Sears Holdings chairman Eddie Lampert has organized the company into battling units that compete with each other for a dwindling pile of money. [More]


Where Is The Item I Sent Back To Sears? Don’t Ask Sears Or UPS, They Don’t Know

What ring? Victoria ordered a ring from Sears, but wasn’t happy with it and sent it back. That’s the whole point of the return process, right? Only the point isn’t supposed to be that the item disappears into the ether and the retailer shrugs. At least we’d like to think so. [More]

Is Back-To-School Creep A Thing?

Is Back-To-School Creep A Thing?

Holiday Creep is the retail phenomenon where retailers market holidays earlier and earlier in order to maximize their sales of Christmas trees or chocolate eggs. We all know Christmas Creep and Easter Creep, but is back-to-school creep a thing? How early is too early to start getting ready for the next school year? [More]


Soleus Air And Kenmore Dehumidifiers May Catch Fire, Pulled From Stores

Our venerable sibling publication Consumer Reports gave a dehumidifier from Soleus Air their “Best Buy” rating. Now it’s off the list and off store shelves after the manufacturer sent a stop-sale notice to retailers. There’s no consumer recall yet, but Amazon did reach out to customers and let them know about the issue. [More]

None of these people called Donna back.

Warranty On My Sears Air-Conditioning Might Be Voided Because Sears Won’t Call Me Back

A year ago, Sears installed a new air-conditioning system for Consumerist reader Donna. The system also includes a warranty that requires someone come out once a year to do a maintenance check, but after two months of trying to get someone out to her house, Donna was looking that the possibility of her warranty being voided because no one would return her calls. [More]

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Sears Heard That Rent-To-Own Is Ridiculously Profitable, Decides To Try It Out

The rent-to-own business is an extremely profitable one: who wouldn’t want to collect more than three times the list price of, say, a computer? So it’s interesting but not surprising that troubled retailer Sears is now entering the lease-to-own market in a partnership with the existing rent-to-own company WhyNotLeaseIt. [More]

Hope You Didn’t Want Any Of Those Mother’s Day Deals Sears Offered, Then Took Away

Not for you, sorry.

Easy come, easy go is especially easy in the times we live in where an email can be sent with a click and just as easily, hastily retracted. Sears apparently sent out a bunch of emails to its Shop Your Way rewards members with an “extra special” VIP Mother’s Day set of deals, and shortly after, sent another saying some people weren’t ever supposed to get that email, or those deals. [More]

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Sears Sales Associate Vents About All The Problems He Has With Store

As regular readers of Consumerist know, we get a lot of complaints about Sears, covering everything from delivery and installation issues, to service and maintenance, to its rewards programs. Today, we hear from a Sears sales associate who details all the many ways in which he thinks the once-great retailer is going wrong. [More]

14 Months After Delivery, Sears Still Won’t Actually Install Dishwasher

14 Months After Delivery, Sears Still Won’t Actually Install Dishwasher

Lots of people happily hand-wash their dishes because they don’t want a dishwasher. That’s not the case for one California man, who has washed his dishes by hand for more than a year even though he wants and can totally afford a dishwasher. In fact, he, um, had a dishwasher the whole time. It’s just that when he bought it from Sears, they sort of half-installed it and wandered off, and he couldn’t get anyone at Sears to help him. [More]


The Smartphone Killed The Department Store Portrait: Photo Company Closing All Locations

Your mother would yell at you to pull a comb through your tangled hair, tuck in your brother’s shirt for the third time and your dad would awkwardly stand behind everyone with his hand on your mom’s shoulder. It was family portrait time, and for many Americans, it happened inside a department store. But one company that operates thousands of locations in mostly Sears and Walmart stores announced it’s shuttering its shutters for good. [More]

Because it involves gas and stuff

You Really Don’t Need To Pay $70 For LPG Conversion Kit Delivery From Sears (Or Anyone)

Matthew bought a gas dryer, but needed one that runs on liquid propane. He only discovered this after installation. No big deal: you can get a little tiny converter, which fits in a small padded envelope. Or would, if Sears were willing to mail it. Which they are not. [More]

Worst Company In America Round 2: Walmart Vs. Sears

Worst Company In America Round 2: Walmart Vs. Sears

Let the next round begin! Now that these two retailers have a taste for blood, it’s time to sic them against each other in WCIA Ball Pit of Doom and Generalized Anxiety, But Mostly Doom! [More]

Meet Your Worst Company In America Not-So-Sweet 16!

Meet Your Worst Company In America Not-So-Sweet 16!

Last week, 32 terrible titans of industry stepped on to the blood-stained mat of WCIA Death-and-Dismemberment Arena, but only 16 remain in this bestial battle royale to take home the treasured Golden Poo. [More]

Worst Company In America Round 1: Sears Vs. JCPenney

Worst Company In America Round 1: Sears Vs. JCPenney

To mark the halfway point in the first round of WCIA, we bring you this fight between two department stores that are wildly adored… in an alternate universe where it’s still 1985. [More]

Sears does allow customers to order online and pick up in-store the same day.

Sears Takes Issue With Best Buy’s Same-Day In-Store Pickup Claim

When we recently spoke with a Best Buy executive about what could set it apart from its competitors, he talked about the ability to order online and pick up in-store the same day, saying “You can’t do that from anybody else.” The folks at Sears would like to disagree. [More]


Need To Change The Sears Order You Placed 15 Minutes Ago? Tough

Do you think there’s even a remote chance that you might need to change your Sears order after the fact? Then you should go to a physical store and place your order there. Heather was told that she needed to perform that bit of time travel if she wants to cancel her mattress order before two weeks have passed. She noticed a problem fifteen minutes after the order went through, but because the order had been placed, she can’t do a darn thing until after the proposed delivery date, March 15th. [More]


Sears Saves The Day When Self-Cleaning Oven Fails And Whirlpool Shrugs

A few weeks ago, we shared some photos that reader Susan sent us of her new Kitchenaid oven. Its new-fangled self-cleaning system was pretty terrible at a key function: actually self-cleaning. “So… every time you want to clean your cool new oven, you’ll be scrubbing it yourself!” she wrote. That’s not a very good feature. [More]