Kmart Apologizes For Layaway Debacle, Says Some Cancellations Were “Inadvertent”

UPDATE: Sears Holding Company has now posted a new entry on its blog with instructions for customers affected by the layaway fiasco. [More]

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Sears’ Manifesto-Writing Chairman Eddie Lampert Will Take Over As Fifth CEO In 7 Years

Once upon a time, a man won an award for being the “Worst CEO of the Year” without actually being the CEO of anything. Who is this man? Well, he’s the next CEO of Sears. Constant readers of Consumerist will be familiar with Mr. Eddie Lampert, the chairman of Sears Holdings and mastermind of the Kmart/Sears merger. Eddie is a big thinker. He famously published a 15-page  manifesto in 2009 which covered everything from the  economic meltdown to civil liberties, and contained a suggested reading list that included free-market Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek.


Oh, by the way, KamberEdelson, the law firm that filed the class action against Sears over its website exposing customer’s purchase histories? They’re the same folks who successfully sued Sony BMG for selling all those DRM-riddled music CDs. Sears could be in trouble. [Washington Post]

Sears Sued For Showing Everything Your Friends And Neighbors Have Ever Bought

Sears Sued For Showing Everything Your Friends And Neighbors Have Ever Bought

Reuters reports a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Sears for its managemyhome.com site which allowed you to type in anyone’s name and address or phone number and get a record of everything they ever bought at Sears. The suit alleges that in doing so, Sears engaged in “unfair or deceptive” practices. Not too long after our post went up on Friday reporting on the matter, the purchase history feature was turned off. Sears said it had “turned off the ability to view a customer’s purchase history on Manage My Home until we can implement a validation process that will restrict access by unauthorized third parties.” Yes, a validation process, that would be good to have.