Thai Seafood Executive Calls Report On Slavery In Shrimping Industry “A Wake-Up Call”

After an in-depth report yesterday said that supermarkets around the world are selling shrimp peeled by enslaved workers, the head of one of the biggest companies in the seafood business is promising change, calling the report a “wake-up call” for the industry. [More]


Study Claims 43% Of “Wild” Salmon In Stores & Restaurants Isn’t Wild At All

That wild salmon entrée calling to you from the menu at dinner might not be all it’s advertised. In fact a new study released Wednesday found evidence of mislabeling in nearly half of all salmon sold in restaurants and grocery stores.  [More]

Drug-Sniffing Dogs Find Shipping Container Full Of Cocaine-Stuffed Shrimp

Drug-Sniffing Dogs Find Shipping Container Full Of Cocaine-Stuffed Shrimp

We are fairly certain that cocaine-stuffed shrimp is not a Guyanese delicacy. That’s how 268 kilograms of cocaine arrived in a shipping container at a port in Brooklyn, though. Law enforcement followed the delivery to a warehouse in Queens and arrested a man in the seafood business, who claims that he had nothing to do with the shipment. [More]


Study: 38% Of Crab Cakes Tested At Maryland, D.C. Restaurants Don’t Contain The Local Crab Listed On Menus

What you see on the menu might not necessarily be what you get, which is especially disappointing if you’re into locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Conservation group Oceana released a new study that said after checking crab cakes at restaurants along the Eastern sea board that were supposed to be Chesapeake Bay blue crab, many of them contained imported impostors instead. [More]

Red Lobster Changing Menu To Remind Everyone It’s Still A Seafood Restaurant

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Although it’s always fun to play the field, it seems that flirting with other kinds of cuisine isn’t working out so well for Red Lobster anymore. That’s why the restaurant chain with seafood in its name is returning to its roots with a newly revamped menu, ditching things like tortilla soup and pork chops in favor of more lobster. [More]


Yet Another Shoplifter Busted For Allegedly Stuffing Seafood Down Her Pants

What is it about people stealing seafood from stores by way of stuffing it down their pants? Because when I think of a prime environment for fruits of the sea, it is not a cramped, stuffy hot pants space. Nevertheless, yet another bad consumer has been accused of pilfering seafood, this time by allegedly shoving seven frozen lobster tails down her pants. [More]

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Thieves Scuttle Off With $2,000 Worth Of Lobster From Safeway

Criminals continue to carry off the world’s tastiest, most comforting foods from grocery stores and distribution centers. The theft of eight boxes of frozen lobsters from a Safeway in Maryland is one of the smallest larcenies in the Global Comfort Food Crime Wave, but still adds up to thousands of dollars’ worth of seafood. [More]

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Is Climate Change Making Oyster-Eaters Sick?

Climate change and global warming have been blamed for a lot of things, but one possible link between warming sea water and food-borne illnesses could be awfully depressing to folks who enjoy chowing down on raw oysters. [More]

Check Out These Exceptionally Large, Salmon-Colored Shrimp

Check Out These Exceptionally Large, Salmon-Colored Shrimp

Reader Griffin was shopping at Jewel when he discovered some exceptionally large and luscious shrimp. Which are also sort of salmon-colored. Hmm. [More]


Report: Thai Fishing Industry Is Using Slave Labor To Catch The Fish Imported By The U.S.

A new report from a British activist group is placing Thailand’s fishing industry in some pretty hot water, with allegations that 15 Burmese workers of a Thai crew were basically slaves. The group is now urging the United States, which is the No. 1 importer of Thai fish products, to hold Thailand accountable for the reported abuses the workers suffered at the hands of the fishing crew. [More]


Study: 33% Of Seafood Nationwide Is Mislabeled; Red Snapper Impostors Prevalent

After releasing smaller parts of its study regarding New York City and other parts of the country, conservation group Oceana has published its full report on the seafood industry’s labeling problems nationwide, and it ain’t pretty. The two-year study investigated seafood fraud, using more than 1,200 seafood samples from 674 retail locations in 21 states to see if they were labeled correctly. About a third of the time, they weren’t. [More]

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Study Finds A Third Of NYC’s Seafood Is Mislabeled, Posing Health Risks

It isn’t just Los Angeles that is having a problem with mislabeled fish — a new study that tested seafood on menus, at grocery stores and in fancy specialty shops in New York City says plenty of the fish offerings there are frequently misidentified. So while you might think you’re ordering up a nice slab of red snapper, it could just be a regular old piece of tialpia. That kind of mislabeling and misrepresentation could also lead to plenty of health problems, say researchers. [More]


L.A. Seafood Task Force’s Catch Of The Day Features Lots Of Mislabeled Fish

What you see is apparently not always what you’re getting in L.A., says a county Seafood Task Force that took on the problem of mislabeled fish in the food industry. The group found that a whole slew of issues that were widespread across supermarkets and restaurants alike that could pose health problems for consumers. [More]

Don't Mind Pictures Of Icky Fish: FDA Declares Gulf Seafood Safe To Eat

Don't Mind Pictures Of Icky Fish: FDA Declares Gulf Seafood Safe To Eat

Despite photos of fish with sores or other unappetizing marks on them from the Gulf of Mexico, the Food and Drug Administration’s Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory says seafood is safe to eat, two years after the BP oil spill. [More]

Man Arrested At Winn-Dixie With Lobster, Shrimp, And Pork Down His Pants

Man Arrested At Winn-Dixie With Lobster, Shrimp, And Pork Down His Pants

If you’re going to shoplift two lobster tails, two bags of shrimp, and a pork loin from a grocery store, what’s the least obvious way to do so? Shove them in your shorts, of course. A MIssissippi man is accused of shoplifting after allegedly doing just that. [More]

Investigation Reveals Widespread Fraud In Seafood Packaging

Investigation Reveals Widespread Fraud In Seafood Packaging

It’s a common, legal practice to protect seafood with a layer of ice before packaging it up for retail sale. It’s also apparently a common practice to add that ice into the total weight of the seafood, and in some cases to add more ice than necessary just to bump up the total weight, which isn’t legal and which defrauds the consumer. The National Conference on Weights and Measures recently investigated seafood packaging in 17 states and pulled more than 21,000 packages of seafood from store shelves, noting that in one particularly bad case ice made up 40% of the total listed weight. [More]

Customer Punches Grocery Store Manager Over Price Of Crab Cakes

Customer Punches Grocery Store Manager Over Price Of Crab Cakes

A man in Sandusky, Ohio, grew so angry at the price of some crab cakes that he punched the store manager “five or six times,” head butted him, and spit in his face. According to the Associated Press article, there was a pricing error in the customer’s favor, and the manager had offered to give the customer the first crab cake at the incorrect price but wanted to charge full price for the rest. [More]

Now In Farmed Fish: Mad Cow Disease?!

Now In Farmed Fish: Mad Cow Disease?!

Three scientists worry that feeding cow parts to farmed fish could expose seafood consumers to mad cow disease. The scientists published their findings in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and called on the government to ban cow meat and bone meal from appearing in fish feed.