Family Finds Free Lizard Inside Bundle Of Salad Greens, Brings It To Live At School

The tale of Green Fruit Loop the anole lizard is an epic one, as takes about lizards go. GFL began life somewhere in the southern half of the country, apparently as a wild lizard. She made the amazing journey from being a wild lizard hanging out in a field to living in a reptile habitat in an elementary school science lab. [More]

AirBNB Apologizes For Passive-Aggressive Ads Making City Budget Suggestions

AirBNB Apologizes For Passive-Aggressive Ads Making City Budget Suggestions

In the last 24 hours or so, AirBNB has learned a few important lessons about passive-aggressive advertising and about how much people love public schools and libraries. Shortly before voters in San Francisco decide whether to severely restrict residents’ ability to rent out their property on a short-term basis, the company put out an ad campaign to remind the city of how much tax revenue those stays generate. The backlash was swift and angry. [More]


White House Unveils New “College Score Card” To Help Students Select Schools

With student loan debt now well past the $1.2 trillion mark — due in no small part to students that paid top-shelf tuition prices but ended up with bottom-shelf educations and job prospects — there’s a need to provide American students and their families with all the relevant information they need when it comes to picking the right school for their goals and their wallets. [More]

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CFPB Launches Effort To Bring Financial Education To Schools

While it’s never too late to become financially literate, it certainly helps if you start early. That’s why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is launching a national effort to improve financial education in schools.


How McDonald’s Markets To Kids Through Moms & Teachers

How McDonald’s Markets To Kids Through Moms & Teachers

McDonald’s has long been a target of critics of toy-filled Happy Meals who believe that these menu offerings are used to entice kids to eat fast food. The same goes with people who call for the retirement of Ronald McDonald (though one could argue that having a terrifying perma-grin clown as the face of your company isn’t exactly kid-friendly). But McDonald’s kid-targeted marketing doesn’t rely on Happy Meals; it extends into their schools and maybe even to their homes. [More]


Michigan Lawmakers Want To Bring Back School Bake Sales

In an attempt to bring back that event many remember as a particularly sugary, joyous time at school, Michigan lawmakers have introduced legislation that would lift the current ban on bake sales, saying school groups are in need of such fundraisers to keep going. [More]

Ronald McDonald Won’t Sell Burgers At Your Kids’ School, But He’ll Talk About Bike Safety

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Is it possible to separate a world-famous brand mascot from the products that mascot has spent decades shilling for? Can you look at Joe Camel and not associate him with Camel cigarettes, or stare deep into the terrifying unblinking eyes of second-tier human-baseball Mr. Met and not immediately think of the NY Mets? McDonald’s apparently thinks so, telling consumer advocates that Ronald McDonald isn’t pushing Big Macs and McNuggets on kids when he visits schools to talk about bike safety and other non-greasy topics. [More]

Elementary School Decides To Stop Giving Kids A Dose Of Mountain Dew Before A Big Test

Elementary School Decides To Stop Giving Kids A Dose Of Mountain Dew Before A Big Test

If I learned anything from spying on my brothers playing Dungeons & Dragons in the basement with their friends, it’s that Mountain Dew is often the preferred fuel of choice for staying awake and making sharp decisions. That being said, a Florida elementary school was getting a heck of a lot of criticism for giving kids a dose of the stuff before taking high-pressure tests. [More]

Supreme Court Won’t Hear “I Heart Boobies” Bracelet Case

Supreme Court Won’t Hear “I Heart Boobies” Bracelet Case

Back in 2011, we told you about a U.S. District Court ruling that determined the wearing of “I Heart Boobies” breast cancer awareness bracelets by middle school students was protected under the First Amendment. An appeals panel later sided with the lower court, but the school district recently attempted to take its case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Today, the Supremes shot down that petition. [More]

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When Schools Take Snow Days, Who Gets Hurt? Milk Companies

There are effects of snow days that are obvious, like parents scrambling for childcare and the need to make up days later in the year. One effect that isn’t so obvious is the effect that schools shutting down might have on dairy companies. Yes, those little milk cartons add up. [More]

L.A. Schools Now Taking Back iPads From Students Who Dare To Use Them For Purposes Of Fun

L.A. Schools Now Taking Back iPads From Students Who Dare To Use Them For Purposes Of Fun

We mentioned last week that the Los Angeles Unified School District somehow thought it could hand out hobbled iPads to thousands of students without any of these kids figuring out a way to use the device as something other than a really expensive, incredibly fragile textbook. But now that it’s realizing that the temptation to use iPads the way they are intended (and marketed) can be too great for some students, the school district is taking them back. [More]


L.A. School District Shocked That Kids Would Figure Out How To Use iPads For Purposes Of Fun

If you hand out iPads to a bunch of adult employees and tell them the devices can only be used for work purposes, some of them will abide by those guidelines. Do the same thing with a school full of kids and most of them will be Tweeting and on Facebook in a matter of seconds. And yet the nation’s second-largest school district is shocked that several hundred students have taken advantage of a simple work-around that turns a boring school tablet into a fun tablet computer. [More]


Smackdown On Snacktime: Gov’t Sets Rules On Junk Food Sold In Schools

In high school, you were lucky if your study hall period was held in the cafeteria. Because that meant access to the vending machines full of junk food. There was nothing we liked more than a good sugar buzz going into Mr. B’s geometry class, let me tell you. Those days will be no more for schools starting in the 2014-2015 school year, however, as the government’s new “Smart Snacks in Schools” program kicks in. [More]

Microsoft To Offer Ad-Free Version Of Bing For Schools

Microsoft To Offer Ad-Free Version Of Bing For Schools

While both Google and Microsoft’s Bing search engines have “safe search” options intended to let younger school children research reports on things like “backyard drilling” without getting results that might require a lot of awkward explanations from their parents, neither had offered an ad-free version. But in the fall, Microsoft will launch “Bing for Schools,” which promises not to invade our schools’ libraries with advertising. [More]

Scott is just one of many brands participating in the Box Tops for Education program.

Man Collects $200,000 In Box Tops To Raise Money For Schools, But Did He Cheat?

Where do you draw the line between being industrious and being a cheat? That’s the question the folks at Scott are working through after a Brooklyn man, attempting to get the most out of a school fundraising promotion, submitted around $200,000 worth of box tops to the company. [More]

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Amazon Makes A Push To Get Kindles Into A Very Lucrative Market — Schools

Let’s see… where is a place with a captive audience that will always involve reading books, paper or otherwise, that will also need to keep updating its tools as the years go by? Oh yes, schools. They’re quite an attractive market for the makers of tablet and e-readers, and now Amazon is making a big push to make sure Kindles are the technology of choice in schools. [More]

Detroit Sneaker Store Offers Free Nikes To Kids Who Show Up For School

Detroit Sneaker Store Offers Free Nikes To Kids Who Show Up For School

October 3 is Student Count Day in Detroit. A headcount will be made of all the kids in school that day, and that figure will be used to determine state and federal funding. It will also earn free sneakers for every student who decides to show up. [More]

11-Year-Old Destroys $36,000 Worth Of MacBooks By Peeing On Them

11-Year-Old Destroys $36,000 Worth Of MacBooks By Peeing On Them

If smoking near your computer turns it into a biohazard, what does urinating on it do? According to local police, a Pennsylvania elementary school found out when an 11-year-old student emptied his bladder on a cart full of MacBooks. This hilarious prank destroyed more than $36,000 worth of computers. [More]