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Woman Accused Of Faking Cancer To Get Donations Arrested On Her Way To Film TV Show

An Illinois woman who’s been accused of pretending both she and her son have cancer in order to scam people out of money was reportedly on her way to film an interview for the Dr. Phil show when cops caught up with her, warrant in hand. [More]

Millions Of Spam Text Messages Lead To $4.2 Million Fine

Millions Of Spam Text Messages Lead To $4.2 Million Fine

Everyone loves getting a $1,000 gift card to their favorite store, but promises of that kind, especially those in text format, are generally a scam. At least that was the case for millions of consumers who received text messages from marketing scammers promising free gift cards to Walmart, Target, Best Buy and other retailers. [More]

An example of the Netflix scam in action. (CBS News)

Scam Alert: No One From Netflix Will Ever Ask For Remote Access To Your Computer

Whenever someone you don’t know asks for remote access to your computer, a huge, noisy and very insistent alarm bell should immediately start clanging in your head. Because it’s probably a scam to get access to your personal files, credit card information and other information. [More]

Careful where you click.

Watch Out For Scammy Links Promising New Info About Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

While much of the world is waiting and hoping for any sign of what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared on the way to Beijing on March 8 with 239 people aboard, there are those out there just waiting for the chance to take advantage of those hopes. [More]


No, You Can’t Pay Someone $700 To Get You On Oprah’s TV Shows

Maybe you’ve got a few things you’d like to weigh in on via a national show on a major network, like CNN or Oprah Winfrey’s eponymous entity. But believe us when we say, if the Rachael Ray people or Today want to get you on TV as an expert, it’ll be free. In other words, you shouldn’t be paying a PR firm hundreds of dollars to appear on talk shows. [More]

Beware Of Super Bowl Scams

Beware Of Super Bowl Scams

The countdown to Super Bowl XLVI has begun, and while you’re gearing up to cheer on either the NY Giants or the New England Patriots (may we suggest a color palette of red, white and blue?) the Better Business Bureau is reminding football fans to avoid being sacked by knock-off team jerseys, counterfeit memorabilia, and phony game tickets. [More]

Be Sure That Call From The Electric Company Isn't A Scam

Be Sure That Call From The Electric Company Isn't A Scam

A lot of people, especially in areas hit hard by the recession, haven’t exactly been paying their utility bills in a prompt manner, knowing that it takes a long time for someone to eventually getting around to shutting off the power or gas service. Thus, scammers are trying to take advantage of these delinquencies by calling and pretending to be from the power company. [More]

Don't Fall For The "Locked Debit Card" Text Alert Scam

Don't Fall For The "Locked Debit Card" Text Alert Scam

With holiday shopping season heading into the home stretch, it’s prime time for ID thieves. Which is why some people might fall prey to scammers who text cell phone users with alerts that their debit cards have been locked. [More]

6 Warning Signs Of A Mortgage Modification Scam

6 Warning Signs Of A Mortgage Modification Scam

Getting a mortgage is difficult enough. Having that mortgage modified because your house has dropped in value can be a Minotaur’s maze full of unscrupulous types looking to cash in on your uncertainty about the often complicated process. [More]