Reminder: If You’re Still Running Windows XP, Microsoft Is No Longer Providing Support

If you’re reading this on a computer running Windows XP, you’re either the overconfident sort that thinks you’ll never get hacked or you’ve forgotten that today is the day Microsoft is dropping its support for the product. In either case, it’s time to upgrade or face security risks you don’t need to be taking. [More]

Ribbon gets the kibosh on Twitter

Twitter Kills Off Ribbon’s In-Stream Payment System Hours After Its Launch

Yesterday morning the Interwebs were all abuzz about a new in-stream payment system from a company called Ribbon, which would allow Twitter users to buy stuff without ever leaving their Twitter feed. But mere hours after Ribbon debuted the feature, Twitter swiftly killed it off. [More]


Are Office Supply Stores Following Big Box Chains Down The Drain?

We’ve seen big box stores pare down the number of retail stores from their roll, as well as cut physical space and try to bulk up online sales. Now it looks like office supply stores are the latest retailers to feel the heat from Amazon: Staples announced it would be shuttering 45 stores in Europe and speed up the closing of 15 more in the U.S. to try and save $250 million a year. [More]

HTC Sense Warns Customers: We're Going Away For An Undetermined Amount Of Time

HTC Sense Warns Customers: We're Going Away For An Undetermined Amount Of Time

Way back when, about a year ago, we had a reader who had a bone to pick with HTC Sense after her phone was stolen and the remote-locking system failed. HTC apologized and said it was still working some stuff out — but now it seems there are just too many kinks in HTC Sense, and the company is warning customers of an impending, supposedly temporary, shutdown of services. [More]