Woman’s Conviction Overturned 10 Years After Fatal Wreck, GM Says Ignition Switch Could Be To Blame

Millions of General Motors vehicles have been found to contain a deadly ignition switch defect. Among those cars is the 2004 Saturn Ion. And while that may seem insignificant to the vast majority of consumers, it resulted in a judge clearing a Texas woman for a car accident that killed her fiancé. [More]

Multiple GM Recalls Announced For Steering, Transmission & Drive Shaft Issues

Multiple GM Recalls Announced For Steering, Transmission & Drive Shaft Issues

While General Motors execs prepare to go before Congress in the morning to explain why it took more than a decade and at least 13 deaths to issue a recall on more than two million vehicles, the carmaker announced three new, separate recalls — totaling nearly 2 million vehicles — for potential problems with the power steering, transmission, and drive shaft. [More]

A 2005 Chevy Cobalt, one of the many recalled GM vehicles.

First Class-Action Suit Filed Over Botched GM Recall Tied To At Least 12 Deaths

When a carmaker recalls more than a million vehicles over an ignition problem that could cause a car to stall and crash without the airbags deploying, a lawsuit is likely. Throw in the fact that the car company knew about the defect for a dozen years, received numerous complaints from customers and dealerships, and is tied to anywhere from 12 to more than 300 deaths, and you have the beginnings of a lawsuit bonanza. [More]