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Guy Spends 6 Months, $1,500 To Make A Sandwich Entirely From Scratch

How much does it cost to make a sandwich at home? Depending on your ingredients, probably only a few dollars, unless you’re shaving truffles on top or using cheese edged in gold. It also likely takes you just a few minutes to assemble your desired snack. That is, unless you’re the guy who made all his ingredients from scratch, costing him $1,500 and taking six months of his time. [More]

Subway Hoping A New Look Will Help Turn Things Around In 2016

Subway Hoping A New Look Will Help Turn Things Around In 2016

Even before the public face of Subway became embroiled in a child pornography scandal, the nation’s largest fast food chain was facing sagging sales and concerns from franchisees about management. The company is now hoping a new look and refreshed menu can help put Subway back on track.

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McDonald’s Joins This Summer’s Pulled Pork Party

Hey, Burger King, you aren’t the only one who can serve up a limited-time pulled pork sandwich for barbecue season! It’s not nationwide, but McDonald’s is currently testing a pulled pork sandwich in at least one restaurant in Indiana. [More]

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McDonald’s Testing Simplified Version Of Build-Your-Own Program, Adds Drive-Thru Option

A day after we learned that McDonald’s had eliminated nine items from its menu so far this year, the fast food giant announced it would also adjust its build-your-own-burger test program to be easier for customers and franchisees to use. [More]

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9 Billion Burgers Served At U.S. Restaurants Last Year

Oof. Can you feel it? I’m talking about the feeling of nine billion burgers hitting American stomachs last year. Across the country, fast-food joints, casual dining restaurants and other eateries served up 3% more burgers in 2014 than in 2013. And while surely some of those never made it to their intestinal destinations, that’s still a lot of burger eating. [More]

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Cucumbers Were Probably Culprits In E. Coli Outbreak At Jimmy John’s

Escherichia coli is a bacterium that’s part of the normal intestinal flora of warm-blooded organisms, including humans. It’s pretty harmless most of the time, but when “fecal contamination” between different organisms occurs, it can result in a very serious illness. It took more than a year, but authorities in Colorado have traced a September 2013 E. coli outbreak to one specific food: cucumbers from Jimmy John’s sandwich shops in three towns in Colorado. [More]

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Burger King Revives Yumbo Sandwich, Menu Item Discontinued In 1974

The Yumbo, a hot ham and cheese sandwich, debuted on the Burger King Menu in 1969 and disappeared in 1974. That’s almost a decade before most of the company’s current leadership was born, but there are plenty of customers who do remember the sandwich fondly and will return for it. They probably won’t all freak out on Twitter like chicken fries fans did, though. [More]

Chili Dogs, Sandwiches And More Than 150 Other Foods Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Chili Dogs, Sandwiches And More Than 150 Other Foods Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

No picnic is complete without chili dogs, sandwiches, hamburgers and listeria monocytogenes? Okay that last one doesn’t exactly scream party, but it was found in all of the aforementioned food times, necessitating a large recall from SunBurst Foods. [More]

Newsflash: Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches Are Not Nutritious, Taste Weird

There’s a wide variety of frozen breakfast sandwiches on the market, but are any of them any good? No, not particularly, our flavorful colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports determined. Very few of the sandwiches they reviewed earned a good nutrition rating, and sandwiches don’t retain their texture very well after freezing. As with the guacamole tests earlier this year, they provided a recipe and recommended that maybe you just make own breakfast burritos at home instead. [Consumer Reports]

Here Are All The Photos Of Arby’s Meat Mountain Sandwiches We’ve Gotten So Far

Here Are All The Photos Of Arby’s Meat Mountain Sandwiches We’ve Gotten So Far

We learned something this week, and it’s that people like taking photos of their off-menu Arby’s Meat Mountains and sending them to us. In the spirit of convenience, we figured we’d put’em all in one place. You know, before this Meat Mountain thing blows over, or erupts or whatever it is mountains do when you’re sick of hearing about them and how much meat they have. [More]


When A Man Loves A Sub Shop Window Very, Very Much, He Gets Arrested

According to police, a Washington state man had a very strange reaction when he learned that the sub shop he wanted to visit was closed. Some people might knock on the door, or try to find another place to get a sandwich. That is not what he did. The cops say that he pulled down his pants and mashed his genitals against the window, and was arrested for indecent exposure. [More]

Someone Ate A Sandwich Made Of All McDonald’s Dollar Menu Items Because Why Not?

Someone Ate A Sandwich Made Of All McDonald’s Dollar Menu Items Because Why Not?

There’s only so much time left before the McDonald’s Dollar Menu is a thing of the past, when it becomes the Dollar And More For Some Stuff Because We Need Money Menu. That makes right this very moment in time just right for someone to make a sandwich including all the items on the Dollar Menu. Thank goodness that someone wasn’t us. [More]


The Sandwich Index: How Much Will Your PBJs And BLTs Cost This Year?

It’s time to start making preparations for the coming school year, and that very important question: what do your kids want for lunch? Every year, blogger Lem Penzo calculates how much different types of sandwiches will cost per serving, then compares it to other types and the same sandwich in past years. [More]

Will you swallow it, or will it DEVOUR YOU?!?!?

Anyone Eating “The Big Fat Fatty” Sandwich Likely Not Bothered By What Its Name Implies

If you are what you eat, then anyone chomping down on the Big Fat Fatty sandwich doesn’t give a rat’s patootie what you think. Why would they, when immersed in a ginormous amalgamation of every kind of fast food niblet, meatlet, cheeselet and fried goodness known to mankind? You’re also likely fat in the wallet, as this culinary feat costs a whopping $49.99. [More]


If you’ve always secretly wanted a sandwich in the shape of most of the Tetris pieces, have we got the sandwich mold for you! Though, as Drew at The Worst Things For Sale points out, if you’re old enough to love Tetris, you’re probably also old enough that you don’t need the crusts cut off your sandwiches. [Amazon]


Is that sandwich you’re currently enjoying part of a larger sandwich trend? Who knows! Well, the folks behind the 2012 Consumer Sandwich Trend Report probably do. And if they don’t spend their days drooling over all the facts and figures related to layers of sandwichy goodness, then we’ll be absolutely shocked. Because that’s the kind of job we could really sink our teeth into (cue bad joke groans)! [via AdAge]


What It’s Like To Work At A Subway Franchise, Get Blamed For Everything Customers Don’t Like

Reader M. is currently (under-) employed at a Subway franchise. M. has a college degree, and is bright enough to be able to see the economic indicators that show they’ll still be working at Subway for a while yet. Fortunately, we like to give employees a soapbox to educate the public about the things we might not understand about their jobs. That way, Consumerist readers are less likely to act like entitled jerks, treat front-line employees better, and the world is a happier place. In theory. [More]

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I Have No Sandwich Delivery And Local Jimmy John’s Loses Business Because Of Stupid Manager

Jason would really like to give the local Jimmy John’s a lot of business. So would other people in his town, it sounds like. But because his closest store is a franchise, it’s not allowed to deliver to him. He can call for delivery from other area restaurants that are further away, but not the one four minutes from his house. Yes, of course he could go pick up his sandwiches, and he often does, but that’s not the point. Most of the time when we call for delivery, we could go get the food but choose not to because it would require removing snow from the car or changing out of pajamas or loading children into a vehicle. [More]