Couple’s $10M Gold Coin Find Could Be From 1901 San Francisco Mint Heist

Couple’s $10M Gold Coin Find Could Be From 1901 San Francisco Mint Heist

Finders keepers, right? Maybe not in the case of a California couple who found $10 million in gold coins while hiking with their dog. A newly found century-old news item has shed light on where the huge treasure may have originated. [More]

Instagram user cadadj posted this image of the "laptop free" signs at Coffee Bar in San Francisco.

Coffee Shop Owner: Limiting Laptop Squatters Has Boosted My Sales

Ever since the advent of the whole coffee-shop-as-satellite-office thing, some have operated under the notion that java joints should do what they can to cater to and keep customers sitting in seats for hours on end while they toil on their laptops. But one store owner says his business has actually seen an increase in sales after he decided to put limits on the laptop-lugging squatters. [More]


Another Reason Why Travelers Don’t Trust Airlines Not To Steal Their Stuff

As if checked-bag fees and stories of luggage vanishing into the ether weren’t enough to have you going carry-on only, here comes the story of a lovely couple who decided to take advantage of delays caused by the July 6 Asiana Airlines crash to allegedly help themselves to passengers’ goodies. [More]

Sick Of Losing Dinner Reservations To Bots, Engineer Creates A Better Bot Of His Own

Sick Of Losing Dinner Reservations To Bots, Engineer Creates A Better Bot Of His Own

Like tickets to a Justin Bieber concert, dinner reservations at some restaurants are so desirable that people will go out of their way to insure they get a table. But while many of us just wait until the hype dies down and dine out at eateries where you don’t need a reservation, there is a war waging online to see who can create the better reservation bot to game the system and score seats as they pop up. [More]

The new football stadium for the 49ers will have the Levi's name on it.

New 49ers Stadium To Carry The Levi’s Name

After several pleasant seasons of not having to remember which company had paid to slap their name on Candlestick Park, fans of the San Francisco 49ers will have to get used to the Levi’s name, as the clothing company has ponied up the cash for the naming rights to the Niners’ under-construction stadium. [More]

(kieran seán)

San Francisco Can Now Ban Passengers Who Treat The Subway As A Personal Toilet

As of yesterday, if you’re thinking of taking a ride on San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit, known as the BART, you better make your pit stop at the potty before you get on the train. Because if you’re one of those people treating the cars as your own personal bathroom, BART officials can now ban you. [More]

Hi there. I'm handsome and I bring things to your home that you want. Isn't life great?

Google Launches Same-Day Shopping Service With Target, Staples, Toys R Us, Others

Taking aim at Amazon, Google has launched a service for consumers in the San Francisco area that allows them to browse items from a selection of major retailers then get them delivered the same day. [More]


ACLU Files Suit To Stop Police From Searching Cell Phones Without Warrant

A decade ago, searching someone’s cell phone would give you a list of names and numbers, maybe some recent texts. But now, the average smartphone could contain as much personal and sensitive information as a desktop computer, yet many law enforcement agencies argue they don’t need a warrant to search these devices. That’s why the American Civil Liberties Union has filed suit against the city of San Francisco and its chief of police. [More]


Would You Risk A $200 Ticket To Save $2 In Bridge Tolls?

When authorities in the San Francisco area enacted congestion-based pricing on the Bay Bridge, charging higher rates before 10 a.m., they didn’t imagine that so many people would risk up to $200 in fines just to save two dollars at the toll plaza. [More]

Dick Lee Pastry has paid the city $525K to settle charges of underpaying employees.

San Francisco Restaurant Ordered To Fork Over $525,000 In Back Pay To Employees

Employees at a restaurant in San Francisco were working up to 14 hours a day, six days a week for only $4/hour. But now, in the largest settlement of its kind in the city, the restaurant owners will pay out $525,000 in back wages and penalties. [More]


More Than 50 San Francisco Restaurants Accused Of Scamming Customers & Employees By Pocketing Health Care Surcharge

For more than four years, dozens of restaurants in San Francisco have been tacking on surcharges to diners’ bills, claiming that the money was to go toward health care costs. But it turns out that millions of those dollars were just going into restaurant owners’ pockets. [More]

What stings worse: The slap or the price tag?

CBS Station Sends Intern To Try Out $350 Face-Slapping Massage

So you’re a reporter for the CBS station in San Francisco and you get assigned to do a story about some local massage parlor that charges $350/session to slap customers’ faces into shape. Meanwhile, there’s an intern who is probably dying for some on-camera time. It’s like peanut butter meeting chocolate… and then getting slapped. [More]

TSA Flags Man With World’s Largest Penis For Additional Crotch Screening

TSA Flags Man With World’s Largest Penis For Additional Crotch Screening

Jonah Falcon of New York City is an actor and hosts a public-access show about the Yankees, but he isn’t famous for that. He’s famous for a quirk of nature: he has the largest recorded penis in the world. He’s appeared on lots of talk shows and even in a documentary, but evidently his fame hasn’t reached the TSA workers at San Francisco International Airport. There, the large bulge in his pants caught the notice of a guard, who presumed it was some kind of weapon. He was subjected to a (brisk and professional) extra patdown and tested for explosive residue. [More]

SF Muni Workers Don’t Know Their Own Rules, Fine Man $100 For Being $.05 Short

SF Muni Workers Don’t Know Their Own Rules, Fine Man $100 For Being $.05 Short

While many public transit systems have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to having the required fare, San Francisco commuters who use the Clipper Card system to pay for their Muni bus and rail rides can actually complete their trip; the uncollected fare will just be subtracted the next time the user adds money to their card. Unfortunately for one man, no one at Muni seems to know this, and he’s now out $125. [More]

Tecate Decides That Pro-Public Urination Billboard Was Maybe Not A Good Idea

Tecate Decides That Pro-Public Urination Billboard Was Maybe Not A Good Idea

UPDATE: Looks like the San Francisco billboard was not an isolated incident. Consumerist reader Matt spotted one on the corner of Indiana and Union Pacific Ave. in East L.A. and sent us the photo at the bottom of the post.

San Francisco Airport Opens Free Yoga Room For Tense Travelers

San Francisco Airport Opens Free Yoga Room For Tense Travelers

For many travelers, the idea of just going to the airport — and finding a place to park, checking your bags, picking up your ticket, waiting at security, hoping you don’t get the extra-special touchy-feely pat-down, putting all your stuff back together after going through the checkpoint, finding your gate, paying $5 for a bottle of water — is a bit of a stressful situation. So the folks at San Francisco International are opening a yoga room for you to work out all that tension while waiting for your connecting flight. [More]

Anti-SOPA Protests Planned Around The Country Today

Anti-SOPA Protests Planned Around The Country Today

Even though the House Judiciary Committee has moved its planned hearing on the Stop Internet Piracy Act from today until February — perhaps hoping that we’ll all be too hungover from Super Bowl beer and wings to care — that’s not going to stop people who are peeved about SOPA and its Senate counterpart, the Protect IP Act, from taking to the streets to have their say. [More]

San Francisco Begins Roll-Out Of Pay-By-Phone Parking Meters

San Francisco Begins Roll-Out Of Pay-By-Phone Parking Meters

Because apparently paying by cash or credit card is too old-school for some folks, the city of San Francisco has begun rolling out parking meters that allow smartphone users to feed the meter with a wave of their handheld mobile communications device. [More]