Samsung’s Anti-Repair Depot Still In Business, Still Not Repairing Things

Fortunately for Todd, his experience with Samsung’s anti-repair depot isn’t as bad as some we’ve heard. He just keeps sending his wife’s Chromebook in to get fixed, and they don’t repair it. He’d like to get it back so he can return it to Amazon and get a computer that actually boots up, but the anti-repair staff can’t figure out how to authorize sending him his own computer back. [More]

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I Use Facebook To Check On My Monitor Repair, Samsung Just Goes Ahead And Sends Me Better One

Graeme has two Samsung monitors, and has had them repaired under warranty a few times. Two years into his three-year warranty, he sent a monitor that snapped off its stand in for repair. Not terribly worried, he checked in on it using Facebook. Samsung took this as an indication that he was unhappy, and should be sent a larger, newer, better monitor.


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China Smacks Samsung & LG With $35 Million Fine For Fixing Prices Of LCD Panels

Price-fixin — it isn’t just for book publishers anymore (not that it ever really was unique to that industry, but you get the point): China fined Samsung and LG Displays a total of $35 million charging that the companies fixed the prices of LCD panels that were then sold to TV manufacturers. And if the TV makers are shelling out more for parts, guess who that raised price gets passed on to? Yup, all of us. [More]

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Patent Office Rejects Apple’s “Pinch To Zoom” Patent, Samsung Licks Its Chops

That sound you hear? That’s Samsung rubbings its metaphorical hands together in gleeful anticipation after the United States Patent and Trademark Office smacked Apple’s patent for “pinch to zoom” technology down. That same patent helped Apple win its case against Samsung and win it $1.05 billion as a result. So if that patent should never have been granted, Samsung thinks there should be a whole new trial. [More]


Judge Shuts Down Apple’s Request To Ban A Bunch Of Samsung Devices

Apple is likely feeling a wee bit disappointed today, as a U.S. federal judge rejected the company’s request to ban a bunch of Samsung devices from being sold in the U.S. — devices that a judge already ruled infringed on Apple’s patented designs. Meanwhile the judge also denied Samsung a retrial, which it had been seeking by claiming jury misconduct on the part of the foreman in last summer’s proceedings. [More]

One does not simply channel surf into Mordor.

Your Samsung Smart TV May Be Primed For A Hack Attack

Having an Internet-connected TV has its advantages — streaming Netflix, Hulu or Pandora straight through your TV is nice — but a new report claims that Samsung’s line of Smart TVs are just waiting to be exploited by clever hackers. [More]


T-Mobile Saves The Day When Samsung Won’t

We often write about oddball, 1-in-1,000 customer service horror stories. For most consumers, their feelings about a company is often related to how it responds to everyday concerns and complaints. [More]


Samsung Pulls Storage Drive YouTube Ad Because Smashing Puppies Is Frowned Upon

Who hasn’t wanted to smash up a piece of technological equipment in a fit of “My Incredibly Advanced And Amazing Magic Computer Box Won’t Cooperate” rage? Right, we’ve all felt crazy, so we get where Samsung was coming from with its YouTube ad for the new SSD 840, a solid state storage drive. But turning those computers into electronic puppies with sad faces as they meet their doom? Maybe not the best marketing move. [More]

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You Only Have Until Dec. 6 To Claim Portion Of $1.1 Billion LCD Price-Fixing Settlement

In the late ’90s, when most of us had TVs that weighed more than a teenager and could only dream of having a thin, widescreen TV, several manufacturers were fixing prices on the LCD screens that were about to revolutionize the industry. More than a decade later, consumers have a chance to get money back from this international criminal conspiracy. [More]


The Samsung Repairman, Like The Great Pumpkin, Never Came On Halloween

On Halloween night, the Samsung repairman rises out of the potato field and delivers working televisions to all of the couch potatoes of the world. He chooses only the most sincere couch potatoes; those who wait patiently for his arrival and keep the faith that he truly will come. Reader Joe, the most sincere couch potato of all, waited all night for the Samsung repairman to arrive and fix his television’s faulty capacitor. But the Samsung repairman never came. [More]

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UK Court Tells Apple It Isn’t Being Blatant Enough With Its Samsung Apology, Orders It To Try Again

A court of appeal in the UK is issuing a bit of a verbal smackdown to Apple, chiding it for not putting its all into the statement it was ordered to post acknowledging that Samsung hadn’t infringed on its copyrighted designs. A judge reprimanded the company and told it to put a new statement that complies with the ruling in a prominent spot on its homepage and not hidden away in a link that leads elsewhere on the site. [More]

Samsung Encourages Galaxy SIII Users To Make Easily Shareable Porn On Their Phones

Samsung Encourages Galaxy SIII Users To Make Easily Shareable Porn On Their Phones

If, like many of us in the Mid-Atlantic you spent the weekend inside doing an inventory on canned goods, bottled water and candles, you might have caught the newest ad for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which features a wife making a huge mistake in the name of love. [More]


Apple & Amazon Top This Year’s Brand Loyalty Survey, Blackberry Hangs On In Last Place

If there’s anything we want from our products and the brands that provide them, it’s love, true love. Well, maybe not quite that level, but according to the most recent Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List, we consumers are craving an emotional connection to brands. And when they fill that special place in our hearts, they earn our loyalty. [More]


Judge To Apple: Again, Samsung Didn’t Copy The iPad Because The Galaxy Tablet Isn’t Cool

Apple just can’t accept that its products are too cool to have been copied by Samsung, but yet another judge shut down the company’s complaints about its rival’s tablet computers. An appeals court in London affirmed an earlier ruling that had cleared Samsung of cribbing from Apple’s designs, a ruling which may finally end the legal battles between the two companies. [More]

Samsung Shares E-Mail Address For Reaching Executive Customer Service

Samsung Shares E-Mail Address For Reaching Executive Customer Service

It seems like just 22 hours ago that Samsung USA was asking Consumerist to redact its CEO’s e-mail address from a reader’s comment. Since then, the electronics biggie has admitted that maybe that wasn’t such a great idea, and now the company has agreed to provide Consumerist readers with a new e-mail address that connects customers who have exhausted the usual customer service channels directly to Samsung’s executive customer service. [More]

Samsung USA Concedes That CEO's E-Mail Address Is Not A State Secret

Samsung USA Concedes That CEO's E-Mail Address Is Not A State Secret

UPDATE: Samsung has created an e-mail address that will allow people who have exhausted the regular customer service route to reach the company’s executive customer service team. [More]

Samsung USA CEO Y.K. Kim Doesn't Want You To Know His E-Mail Is 'First Two Initials, Last Name At'

Samsung USA CEO Y.K. Kim Doesn't Want You To Know His E-Mail Is 'First Two Initials, Last Name At'

UPDATE: Samsung USA has had second thoughts about its CEO’s e-mail address being such a huge secret. [More]

How E-Mailing The Samsung CEO Helped Me Break Free Of Refurbished Replacements

How E-Mailing The Samsung CEO Helped Me Break Free Of Refurbished Replacements

Todd was having problems with his Samsung Galaxy phone, so he traded it in for a refurbished warranty replacement. The replacement phone turned out to be defective, too. Rather than enter the perpetual cycles of smartphone replacement purgatory, he knew there had to be another way. He looked for one, and found it in a recent post about a reader who deduced the e-mail address of Samsung’s CEO and used that information to get the company to actually honor its warranty. [More]