4 Things We Learned About The Psychology Of Costco’s Free Samples

Anyone familiar with Costco knows about the wide variety of free food samples that shoppers can score when pushing their oversized carts around one of the wholesale clubs. But as you’ve probably guessed, these samples aren’t just about providing free piecemeal lunches to customers. [More]

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Warehouse Store Sample Server: I’m Not Here To Give You A Free Lunch

Shoppers at Costco, Sam’s Club and other warehouse clubs are likely quite familiar with the many sample servers situated around the store, handing out freebies to eager customers. One such sample server has penned an open letter to warehouse club shoppers saying that he loves his job, but there are some things you all do that really get under his skin. [More]


Consumer Reports Health says: Getting free samples of prescription drugs from your doctor might sound like a great deal, but they can end up costing you more in the long run. Manufacturers typically use free samples to promote the newest, least-tested drugs. Such gifts might lead doctors to prescribe them when other drugs might be better. [Consumer Reports Health]

EECB Convinces Best Buy To Pay For Damage To Car

EECB Convinces Best Buy To Pay For Damage To Car

Here’s a good example of how to write an effective Executive Email Carpet Bomb, or EECB, to break through the “please hold” purgatory of the company’s phone system. Alicia’s car’s bumper was scratched by a Best Buy employee, and calling consumer relations as directed proved fruitless. Now she’s got a check in her hands from Best Buy to pay for the repairs.