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Is 98% Price Accuracy Acceptable For Grocery Stores?

Odds are that you’ve been overcharged at some point in your life. Mistakes happen. The big question is: Is there any acceptable level of overcharging? [More]


Milk, Aspirin, Broadband, And LivingSocial: Some Class Actions You Might Be Eligible For

Organic milk, LivingSocial vouchers, Norton Antivirus, Verizon Wireless games, and Clearwire Internet service: what do they all have in common? All of these companies have open class-action lawsuits against them for which eligible customers can file claims and get cash. [More]

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Report: Safeway Overcharging Even After Court Order

Supermarket chain Safeway and its Vons stores have been sued twice in the last decade by the state of California for overcharging customers. Yet, in spite of a court order that penalizes the stores each time it’s caught overcharging, a new report says that customers say it’s still going on. [More]

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Safeway Now Stocking “Environmentally Preferable” Canned Tuna Without The Hefty Price Tag

Attention, fish fans — no, not Phish, the other kind — good news for those of you who want to eat canned tuna but don’t like the possible guilt of eating an animal that wasn’t sustainably caught. Safeway says it’s started stocking “environmentally preferable” tuna with the extra benefit of that product not costing consumers any more cash than the other kind. Score! [More]

Yep, The Easter Candy Is Out Already At Safeway And Kroger

Yep, The Easter Candy Is Out Already At Safeway And Kroger

In 2008, we published the first reports of Easter candy in stores on December 31. In 2009, they were spotted on shelves on December 23. Last year, the first appearance crept back to December 16. This year, our first reports came from Safeway and Kroger stores as early as December 2. [More]