Safeway Has Limits For Soft Drink Purchases, Isn’t Sure What They Are

Safeway Has Limits For Soft Drink Purchases, Isn’t Sure What They Are

For some time now, we at Consumerist have been worried about Target, since the retailer’s pricing shows little to no grounding in reality. Now the disease has spread to Safeway, maybe. Reader David is still scratching his head over this shelf tag that he found last week. [More]

Albertsons Owner Will Pay $9B To Walk Down The Aisle With Safeway

Albertsons Owner Will Pay $9B To Walk Down The Aisle With Safeway

Prepare for the “save the date”, because there’s another marriage on the way. This time between the second- and fifth-largest grocers in the United States. [More]

Survey Says: Walmart Is Worst Discount Retailer & Worst Supermarket

Survey Says: Walmart Is Worst Discount Retailer & Worst Supermarket

Walmart may be the nation’s largest retailer and its biggest supermarket chain, but the latest results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index once again show that Big W continues to lag far behind all of its competition. [More]

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Safeway’s “Gluten Free” Shelf Labels Could Use Some Work

We commend Safeway for making it easier for customers with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to find products that they can eat on the store shelves. However, it’s probably not such a good idea to just go around printing any old shelf tags on the “Gluten Free” paper once you run out of other paper. [More]

Man Stuffing Steak And Lobster Down Pants At Safeway Is Hilarious Again: Amber Alert Is Off

Man Stuffing Steak And Lobster Down Pants At Safeway Is Hilarious Again: Amber Alert Is Off

Good news if you like to laugh at people stuffing frozen meat and seafood down their pants! It turns out that the suspect in Tuesday’s steak-and-lobster-down-pants incident may not have carjacked and kidnapped an older man and a teenage girl. That’s what witnesses thought they saw, prompting an Amber Alert on the vehicle, but no one has reported anyone matching that description missing. [More]


Get A Flu Shot, Get A Giant Grocery Or Drug Coupon

Retail pharmacies really, really want customers to get their flu shots there this year. How badly? They’re offering giant coupons to customers who get their shots there, ranging from 10% at grocer Safeway to 20% at pharmacy chain CVS. [More]

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Man Celebrates Court Date By Gobbling Child’s Birthday Cake

You have to go inside a courthouse, and in the car you have a dog and a birthday cake for your daughter. You don’t want the dog to eat the cake. To keep them apart, you could put the cake in the trunk, bring the dog in the courthouse, or bring the cake in the courthouse. A woman in Washington State chose that last option, which was bad news for the cake. [More]

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I Left My Phone At Safeway, Then Things Got Weird

Rachael absent-mindedly left her phone at Safeway, a grocery store chain. Leaving things behind is a normal thing: it happens to everyone, even if you won’t admit it. What isn’t normal is what happened between Rachael and Safeway in the days afterward. She was lucky that no other customers wandered off with her phone, and that the store held on to it for her in their safe. At least, that’s what they said part of the time. [More]

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Safeway Doesn’t Seem To Care That It Repeatedly Overcharged Customer

Safeway is no stranger to overcharging customers. In fact, the supermarket chain has twice been sued by the state of California for failing to have the prices on the shelf match what shows up at the register — and even a court order, it’s continued to screw up. And while Safeway corporate claims to care about accurate prices, that message is not getting through to some stores. [More]

Too Bad You Missed This Amazing Members-Only Sale At Safeway

You missed it? Too bad.

“Man oh man, I’m sure glad that we have a Safeway Club Member loyalty card!” writes reader Richard. Even if you have a card, dearest readers, you’re going to miss out: the sale ended on Saturday. [More]

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Colorado Dad Goes Out For Ice Cream, Thwarts Robbery

Staying with her dad for the weekend, a Colorado girl wondered why it took so long for her dad to run to Safeway for some ice cream. When he got back, she asked him what the delay was all about. “I had to break up a robbery,” he said. Yeah, right. But unlike when your dad kids about being a superhero, it was true! [More]

Looks are deceiving. But not deceptive.

Hey, Look, Basic Math Can Be Really Useful!

The retail environment takes a huge toll on people who can’t do math. Sort of. This Safeway display is fairly typical: identically-sized packages of the anti-histimine loratadine (generic Claritin) sit side by side, with one price a little higher than the other. Look more closely: those boxes are the same size because the pills are impossibly tiny. One bottle offers more than twice as many as the other. [More]

Maybe Safeway Has Seceded From The United States


Marc noticed this onion sign at Safeway, which is a grocery chain. So are were these vegetables imported? Are they from the USA? Did Marc secretly pass through a wormhole and end up in an alternate-universe Safeway where his state has seceded from the United States, or just this Safeway? Maybe all Safeways have seceded, and this is how they’re letting us know. [More]

Box vs. Reality: The Shepherd's Pie Edition.

This Safeway Select Shepherd’s Pie Tastes As Good As It Looks

We know that packaged food doesn’t always come out the way it’s supposed to look on the box, but this Beef Shepherd’s Pie that Consumerist reader PR bought from Safeway looks more like a pie that’s already passed through the shepherd. [More]

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Is 98% Price Accuracy Acceptable For Grocery Stores?

Odds are that you’ve been overcharged at some point in your life. Mistakes happen. The big question is: Is there any acceptable level of overcharging? [More]


Milk, Aspirin, Broadband, And LivingSocial: Some Class Actions You Might Be Eligible For

Organic milk, LivingSocial vouchers, Norton Antivirus, Verizon Wireless games, and Clearwire Internet service: what do they all have in common? All of these companies have open class-action lawsuits against them for which eligible customers can file claims and get cash. [More]

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Report: Safeway Overcharging Even After Court Order

Supermarket chain Safeway and its Vons stores have been sued twice in the last decade by the state of California for overcharging customers. Yet, in spite of a court order that penalizes the stores each time it’s caught overcharging, a new report says that customers say it’s still going on. [More]

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Safeway Now Stocking “Environmentally Preferable” Canned Tuna Without The Hefty Price Tag

Attention, fish fans — no, not Phish, the other kind — good news for those of you who want to eat canned tuna but don’t like the possible guilt of eating an animal that wasn’t sustainably caught. Safeway says it’s started stocking “environmentally preferable” tuna with the extra benefit of that product not costing consumers any more cash than the other kind. Score! [More]