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Does The Lint Lizard Actually Work? Surprisingly, Yes

Infomercial products usually claim to solve a problem that you didn’t know you had. This is usually the stuff of jokes, but what if the products actually improved our lives and made us and our homes more safe? Such a thing is possible in the case of the Lint Lizard, a $11 gadget that promises to attach to your vacuum and suck gobs of lint out of the crevices of your dryer. [More]


Great, My Acer Laptop Battery Exploded

Did you think that the laptop battery explosion epidemic was over? No, it’s not just in the Boeing Dreamliner. Bill’s Acer laptop battery exploded not long ago: of course, he bought it in 2011 and the computer is now out of warranty. Acer is happy to take the computer back, but only to look at it for a “safety evaluation” and maybe to not send it back to Bill. He doesn’t think that this is fair. He sent the relevant exploded parts back to Acer, but doesn’t want to send back his hard drive or the rest of the computer. He wants replacement parts so he can get it working again. [More]

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When It Comes To Children, 10 Pounds Actually Makes A Big Difference

10 pounds doesn’t seem like much of a weight difference, unless you’re talking about the difference between a 15-pound infant and a 25-pound toddler. Reader O. had this problem when shopping for a playard (does no one say “play pen” anymore?) with a bassinet and changing table included. The shelf tag for the changing table claimed that it was good for up to 25 pounds: not bad. Except it is kind of bad, because it’s not true. [More]

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February Food And Drug Recall Roundup – Antibiotic Pig Ear Edition

Chewy pig skins, chia seed treats, brownie mix, and herbal supplements that are a little too close to actual drugs: it’s all here, in the Food and Drug Edition of the Recall Roundup. [More]

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Do Not Drink These Energy Shots Unless You Are A Car

We have no idea whether gasoline additive Eco Fuel Saver does what it’s supposed to: increasing your fuel mileage, cutting back on pollutants, and making your car 800% more awesome. Or maybe just those first two. What we do know is that people are stupid. It’s not hard to picture what must have happened to lead the management of this gas station to put up this very prominent sign. [More]


February Recall Roundup: The Heated Parka’s Revenge

In this month’s Recall Roundup, pots and pans collapse on themselves, kids need to keep away from some vitamins, and battery-operated electric parkas turn on their owners and give them too much of a good thing. [More]

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Walmart Warns Suppliers They Better Abide By Stricter Rules Or Get Dropped

After a fire at a Bangladesh factory that supplied clothing to Walmart and other stores killed 112 workers in November, Walmart has announced that it is taking its suppliers around the globe to task when it comes to subcontracting their work. In other words, if Walmart doesn’t approve of the factories suppliers use, it’ll drop those companies lickety-split. [More]


Toyota Will Pay A Record Fine Of $17.35M Over Delay In Reporting Safety Defects

Toyota says it will be paying out a record $17.35 million — the maximum fine allowably by law — after the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the company had delayed reporting a safety defect to the government. It’s the highest single civil penalty that’s ever been paid to the NHTS Afor violations that are a result of a recall. [More]


L.A. Seafood Task Force’s Catch Of The Day Features Lots Of Mislabeled Fish

What you see is apparently not always what you’re getting in L.A., says a county Seafood Task Force that took on the problem of mislabeled fish in the food industry. The group found that a whole slew of issues that were widespread across supermarkets and restaurants alike that could pose health problems for consumers. [More]


Tiny Terrors: This Holiday Season’s Troublesome Toys Include Choking Hazards, Lead

Don’t want your kids messing around with potentially dangerous phthalates, picking up traces of lead or swallowing tiny toy parts? You might want to check out the U.S. Public Interest Research Group’s 27th annual survey of toy safety. The someone ominously titled “Trouble in Toyland” report looks into the most common dangers plaguing the toy industry and also gives tips on how to avoid buying anything that could potentially harm a child. [More]


Just A Friendly Reminder That You Shouldn’t Be Surfing The Web While Driving

If there’s one thing you should be paying attention to while driving, it’s not what that hilarious comedian on Twitter just tweeted or the interminable display of baby pictures flowing down your Facebook newsfeed. Nope. It’s that thing you’re guiding your massive hunk of metal along — the road. A new survey from State Farm says there are a lot of drivers out there distracted by the Internets who should be minding where they’re going instead. [More]


Toyota Recalling 2.77 Million Vehicles Worldwide For Steering Snafu, Water Pumps

Toyota announced it’s voluntary recalling a total of  almost 3 million vehicles worldwide for steering and water pump issues that have popped up recently, which will make this the second multi-million vehicle recall for the company in just over a month. There haven’t been any accidents or injuries reported thus far from the problems, which can be fixed relatively quickly but will likely cost Toyota hundreds of millions of dollars to repair. [More]


Dentist’s License Suspended Because She Shouldn’t Be The One On Laughing Gas

If you’ve ever been lying in the dentist’s chair facing the prospect of painful drilling and sticking needles in gums and oh god why, you might be familiar with the welcome relief nitrous oxide, aka “laughing gas” can bring. For the patient, of course. One dentist has had her license suspended for allegedly partaking in the silly gas in front of patients. [More]


License Plate Decals Seem To Be Keeping Teens Off The Roads When They Shouldn’t Be On Them

In an effort to cut down on car collisions involving young drivers, New Jersey slapped red decals on the license plates of teens with provisional licenses two years ago and it seems to be working, says a new study. The thinking being if it’s easier for cops to spot teenagers eschewing curfew rules, they can bust said youngins before they hurt themselves or others by driving irresponsibly, or simply because of lack of experience. [More]

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CDC: Kids Sure Do Love Chewing On, Getting Sick From Detergent Pods

It’s no secret that little kids like bright, shiny colorful things, and that curiosity compels them to place these objects in their mouths. But since most children under the age of five are not yet versed in the possible harms of household chemicals, lots of them are popping bright, shiny colorful detergent pods into their waiting maws. [More]

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Great Peanut Butter Recall Of 2012 Now Includes Bagged Nuts, Ice Cream, Candy

The Great Peanut Butter Recall of 2012 is now the Great Peanut Recall of 2012. What began with salmonella illnesses traced back to a few varieties at Trader Joe’s has expanded to include foods including peanuts processed by Sunland, but old made by a variety of manufacturers. These products include candy, ice cream, and other tasty peanut-including treats. [More]

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October Recall Roundup: High Chairs, Herring, And Metal Shards

In this months’ recalls: wood cleaner sprays users in the face, wooden porch swings collapse, there’s Listeria everywhere, and an unusual number of herring products are recalled for unrelated reasons That number: two. [More]

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Seized Pirate Costumes Rendered Decidedly Scarier Due To High Levels Of Lead

Attention, Halloween lovers: While you might want to be perceived as dangerous  this Halloween, there are some costumes that are so dangerous they’re actually harmful to your health. Shipments of pirate costumes coming from China were recently seized by authorities because they contained high levels of lead. The better to sink you with when you walk the plank, perhaps, but not so great for your health. [More]