Not the Rolex in question. (Skakerman)

Masseuse Admits That Client’s Missing $35K Rolex Is In An, Ahem, Private Location

If the phrase “body cavities” bothers you, you might want to stop reading right now before things get decidedly uncomfortable. Which was the literal situation for a masseuse who told police that a client’s missing $35,000 Rolex could be found stowed away in her nether regions, to put it politely. [More]


Rolex Sues Brooklyn Deli Claiming Luxury Watches Can Be Confused With Sandwiches

On the one hand, if you just need to know the time and someone passes you a sandwich, well that’s just annoying. And if you’re looking for a watch and all you find is a hot salad bar, that’s no good either. But while you might know the difference between a deli and a luxury watch purveyor, Rolex wants to avoid customer confusion and thus, is suing a Brooklyn deli for its similar name. [More]

Rolex Mails Precious Inherited Watch To Wrong House, Never To Be Seen Again

Rolex Mails Precious Inherited Watch To Wrong House, Never To Be Seen Again

When Ali’s father passed away last year, one thing that he inherited was a Rolex watch. Ali wanted to wear the watch in memory of his father, but it hadn’t run in years. He writes that he sent the watch off to Rolex for a repair estimate, but found a less expensive repair option and asked for the watch back. Having moved in the interim, he double-checked with Rolex to make sure that they would send the watch to his new address. They promised that they would, then promptly mailed it to his old address. The watch disappeared. [More]