Discover Settles Lawsuit Over Unsolicited, Prerecorded Phone Calls For $8.7 Million

Because no one loves getting an robocall from a credit card company without first signing up for such a phone call — and let’s face it, who would sign up for that on purpose? — a court has settled a class-action lawsuit against Discover Financial Services for auto-dialing people who definitely didn’t want to be called. [More]

Arrest Warrant Issued For “Cash Grant Institute” Scammer Who Failed To Pay $20 Million Penalty

Arrest Warrant Issued For “Cash Grant Institute” Scammer Who Failed To Pay $20 Million Penalty

Nearly two years after the FTC hit the scammy robocallers at the “Cash Grant Institute” with a record $30 million penalty for violating federal Do Not Call regulations a few million times, a judge has issued an arrest warrant for one of the scheme’s operators after he failed to repay the lion’s share of what he’d agreed to hand over. [More]

Man Sues Wells Fargo Over Robocalls Intended For Other Person

Man Sues Wells Fargo Over Robocalls Intended For Other Person

It’s bad enough to get endless collections call from your mortgage servicer over missed loan payments, but it’s next-level annoying when you’re not even a customer of the bank that won’t stop calling your phone day and night. [More]

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Medical Alert Device Robocalls Scammed $13 Million From Elderly

Unwanted robocalls are bad enough. But there’s a special place (not a good place, either) for companies that use robocalls to scam the elderly out of their savings. One Orlando-based operation, accused of scamming $13 million from senior citizens, now has a confirmed reservation in that special place. [More]

It’s Actually Kind Of Heartbreaking To Hear Robot Telemarketer Insist She’s A Real Person

It’s Actually Kind Of Heartbreaking To Hear Robot Telemarketer Insist She’s A Real Person

We’ve arrived at a whole new level of robocalling, and this time the robots don’t want us to know they’re robots. Did you just get a shiver down your spine, too? Shiver jinx! This particular telemarketer for a company hawking health insurance has her own name and a tinkle of laughter to go along with her denial of actually being a robot. [More]

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Robocallers Impersonate Teachers On Caller ID, Scare Parents

If you were a parent of school-age children and saw “TEACHERS PHONE” come up on your landline caller ID, wouldn’t you pick up the phone? If your kid’s teacher is calling you up, something must be very wrong. When they pick up the phone? A prerecorded sales pitch for “Card Services,” a classic robocall. [More]

Bank Of America To Pay $32 Million Over Robocall Allegations

Bank Of America To Pay $32 Million Over Robocall Allegations

Two of our favorites kinds of stories — big bank badness and robocalling — all wrapped into one breakfast burrito. Earlier this week, Bank of America reached a $32 million deal to settle complaints, filed on behalf of 7.7 million customers, that BofA repeatedly violated federal regulations by robocalling consumers’ mobile phones without permission. [More]


Please Don’t Press Any Buttons When You Get A Scammy Robocall

We regularly receive complaints from readers who receive robocalls even though their numbers are on the Do Not Call List or they pressed “2″ to have their numbers removed. The fact is that these robocallers simply don’t care about the law or whether you want to hear from them. [More]

UPS Robocalls Me 74 Times About The Same Package

UPS Robocalls Me 74 Times About The Same Package

Subscribing to UPS MyChoice means that you have more control over your packages and get some extra attention from UPS, but this isn’t what Eric had in mind. Over the weekend, something went terribly wrong with the company’s systems, and UPS began to robocall him about the package he’ll be receiving this week. Seventy-four times since the beginning of Sunday. [More]

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New York Warns Of Medical-Alert Device Robocalling Scam Targeting Seniors

Most of you know to be suspicious when someone calls out of the blue to tell you you’ve been approved to get something for free. But not everyone is as savvy as y’all, which is what scammers depend on to make their money. [More]


FTC Shuts Down Robocall Scammers Pretending To Be FTC

This story is like the scene in a straight-to-DVD thriller where the protagonist needs to decide which of two seemingly identical characters, both of whom claim to be her real partner, to shoot dead. Except it’s not really anything like that because it involves robocalling, no one gets shot and it probably doesn’t star Judd Nelson. [More]

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What To Do If You’re Still Getting Calls From “Rachel At Cardholder Services”

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission shut down five operations responsible for untold number of scammy robocalls from “Rachel (or one of many other names) at Cardholder Services.” But several readers have written in to say that these calls have not ended. [More]

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FTC Hangs Up On “Rachel From Cardholder Services”

For several years, American consumers have been receiving unwanted robocalls with a recorded message from “Rachel” or one of her fictional co-workers at the vaguely named “Cardholder Services.” Not only are these calls often in violation of do-not-call regulations, they are also a scam to trick people our of their cash. Today, the Federal Trade Commission announced it had pulled the plug on five companies behind these scammy robocalls. [More]


Court Rules That Best Buy Violated Federal Telemarketing Reguations

Reversing a summary judgement by a U.S. District Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that calls from Best Buy to customers asking them to update their Rewards Zone accounts cross the line from informational to telemarketing, in violation of federal law. [More]

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Think You Know How To End Robocalls? You Could Win $50,000

Even though the national Do Not Call registry has stopped most legitimate businesses from flooding consumers’ phone lines with unwanted robocalls, scam artists continue calling because they don’t really care about obeying the law in the first place. Thus, the Federal Trade Commission is offering a $50,000 prize for the person who can help put an end to robocalls. [More]


How I Made The CVS Robocalls Stop – For Now

Vivi gets her prescriptions at CVS, and this meant that she recently began getting robocalls from CVS. You can’t blame her for thinking that an announcement telling her that the chain had “important information” for her meant that the phone call contained important information. Not advertising. The store’s robots were calling her up with ads, though, not recall information or anything else urent actually concerning her prescription. [More]

Does Uptick In Telemarketing Complaints Mean "Do-Not-Call" Registry Isn't Really Working?

Does Uptick In Telemarketing Complaints Mean "Do-Not-Call" Registry Isn't Really Working?

Ah, the cherished dinner hour. Peace, quiet and if that stupid telemarketer doesn’t stop calling I am seriously going to throw my fork really violently at something. If that sounds like you, you aren’t alone. Even with the “Do Not Call” registry, there’s been a spike in complaints against telemarketers, especially those pre-recorded phone calls that always seem to come when you don’t want them to. Although, does anyone ever really welcome a telemarketer’s call? Doubt it. [More]