Time Warner Cable CEO Has 80 Million Reasons To Root For Comcast Merger

Time Warner Cable CEO Has 80 Million Reasons To Root For Comcast Merger

Imagine you’re two months into your dream job, the one you’ve been groomed to get for years. You’ve finally gotten the chance to right a ship that has been veering off course for too long and prove that you’re a real titan of industry. You’d probably hate to then find out that you’ll be out of this job within a year or so… that is until you’re told that you’ll get a $79.9 million payoff to soothe your pain. [More]

When TWC soon-to-be CEO Rob Marcus says "We are listening," does he mean that the company is snooping on customers or is he using the majestic plural to refer to himself?

Incoming Time Warner Cable CEO: Good Customer Service Is When The Customer Doesn’t Need To Call Us

Comcast CEO and King of Kabletown Brian Roberts may think that dealing with more than a billion customer interactions each year is an acceptable excuse for his company’s poor customer service reputation, but the guy about to take the reins at Time Warner Cable sees things a little differently (or at least that’s what he claims to believe). [More]