Waste Not, Want Not: Montana Measure Will Allow Residents To Eat Roadkill

Get the elk marinade ready and leave your judgments at the car door, everybody. The state of Montana is not a fan of waste, and is set to allow its residents to salvage roadkill for food. If citizens can scrape it, they can eat it. And we’re not talking your usual squirrels and possums, big-game like elk, deer, antelope and moose could all be a part of the roadkill menu. [More]


Chinese Restaurant Closed Because Roadkill Wasn’t On The Menu

It’s one thing for a restaurant to serve up a nice plate of venison that comes from a legally hunted deer that’s been dressed and butchered properly. It’s another to simply chop up some roadkill in the kitchen and pass it off to your customers, and that is why a Chinese food restaurant in Kentucky is now closed. [More]