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Remembering Reusable Grocery Bags Makes Us Buy More Junk Food

Reusable shopping bags: they’re environmentally friendly, earn you a discount, and let you express your loyalty to your favorite grocery store when there isn’t a Wegmans available within a two-hour drive. Yet here’s an interesting question: do they have an effect on our behavior? Are there any major differences between shoppers who bring their own bags and those who don’t? [More]


Compromise In California: Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags, Charge For Reusable Ones

Lawmakers in California have been arguing about the prospect of banning plastic bags for the last decade. This isn’t just a prime example of “your government at work,” but is also a key consumer issue. Now there’s a new bill before that state’s Assembly that aims to banish the plastic bag scourge from stores.  [More]

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Target Sign Wording Leaves San Jose Residents Scratching Their Heads

No one at Target would return a call last week from the San Jose Mercury News, so the paper wasn’t able to solve the mystery of what Target is trying to communicate with this sign in their cart corrals. They were left only with speculation, and if newspaper and online readers love anything, it’s speculating about typos. [More]

Greenbacks For Green Bags At CVS

Greenbacks For Green Bags At CVS

Many stores offer discounts to customers who bring their own reusable bags to shop. Now, CVS is integrating their customer loyalty program with a green initiative, and plans to reward customers with 25 cents every time they use reusable bags.

Plastics Industry: Reusable Bags Are Bacteria Traps That Will Kill You And Your Family

Plastics Industry: Reusable Bags Are Bacteria Traps That Will Kill You And Your Family

Those green reusable bags that are all the rage? The plastics industry this week released a study concluding that they are nothing more than bacterial totes, which might be scary if it were true. BarfBlog looked at the study’s methodology and then ate through its main points.