Irish Cafe Tells “Loud American’s” & Other Tourists To Stay Away

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Perhaps it’s a form of anti-publicity that the owners hope will turn them into the next Amy’s Baking Company, with people just coming by to see what all the hubbub is about, but a restaurant in Ireland has irked a good portion of its potential customer base with a sign telling tourist — and specifically American tourists — to get lost. [More]

Man Accused Of Burglarizing Chicken Restaurant, Returning For Lunch

Man Accused Of Burglarizing Chicken Restaurant, Returning For Lunch

We aren’t in the business of giving advice to criminals, but a man in Costa Mesa, California might want to rethink his brand loyalty to El Pollo Loco. After you burglarize a place, it’s probably a good idea if you don’t return for lunch on the same day. At minimum, change your clothes first. [More]

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Restaurant Menus Remove Dollar Signs So You’ll Spend More $

When you read a restaurant menu, you might not notice that there are no dollar signs. Why is that? Removing currency symbols severs the connection between restaurant purchases and real money in your mind, and makes you spend more. No, really. [More]

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Restaurant Says Smartphones, Not Lazy Staff, Are To Blame For Slow Service

Does it feel like you’re spending an inordinate amount of time sitting at the restaurant table before you actually eat? The tendency might be to blame it on bad service or a slow kitchen, but one NYC restaurant points the finger at customers’ smartphone obsession. [More]

Between 2009 and 2013, the sodium levels of this KFC meal actually increased by 11%, according to the CSPI survey.

While Other Restaurant Chains Cut Down On Sodium, KFC Meals Have Been Getting Saltier

With an increased concern about the role high sodium levels play in high blood pressure, kidney disease and other health issues, a number of restaurant chains have been attempting to cut back on the salt in recent years. A new review of meals from 17 of the nation’s most popular fast food and family eateries shows that most chains are slowly reducing the amounts of sodium in their food (though it’s still very high), while a small number of others have actually gone the other direction. [More]

From Gadgets To Diners: How To Make (Or Order) The Perfect Egg Every Time


I recently poached my first egg; sounds simple enough. And yet the amount of time I spent looking up how to do it, fretting over the steps and stressing over my inevitable failure almost made the whole thing not worth it. But when I posted a photo of that sucker on social media, the hefty number of virtual back-slaps I received made it clear that I am not alone in my fear of screwing up eggs. [More]

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Australian Cafe Docks Guest Workers’ Pay For Burned Waffles, Incorrect Sandwich Assembly

It’s nice to hear that a restaurant has high standards, but one cafe in Perth, Australia took things too far by docking workers’ pay for minor infractions. How minor? Fining them AU$100 (about $94) for being five minutes late, $30 for sticking the tomato slice on the wrong layer of a club sandwich, and $12 for overcooking a waffle. While subpar waffles are a shame, these deductions are illegal. [More]

California Repeals Rubber Glove Law For Restaurant, Bar Workers

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Earlier this year, a new California state law banned restaurant workers from touching food with their bare hands and required that bartenders and cooks wear rubber gloves. But following a backlash from the public and the foodservice industry, the state legislature has voted to repeal the ban, going back to rules that simply ask workers to minimize the touching of customers’ food. [More]

Putting Your Restaurant On A Reality Show About Cruddy Eateries Probably Won’t Save It

Putting Your Restaurant On A Reality Show About Cruddy Eateries Probably Won’t Save It

Going on a reality television show likely won’t fix all of your restaurant’s shortcomings, even if a hot-headed chef uses all the profanities in the world. Just ask the owners of half the restaurants to be featured on Gordon Ramsay’s now-defunct Kitchen Nightmares. Here’s a hint, their eateries are now defunct, too. [More]

TGI Fridays Servers Can Thank ‘Office Space’ For Their Lack Of Flair

TGI Fridays Servers Can Thank ‘Office Space’ For Their Lack Of Flair

Today’s kids may not remember, but waiters and waitresses at casual dining restaurants around the country were once covered in “flair,” pins and buttons — some whimsical, some carrying marketing messages — intended to give these otherwise anonymous eateries a level of quirkiness. It was an effort at synchronized idiosyncrasy, wherein servers were encouraged to express themselves… in the exact same manner as all the other servers at all the other thousands of identical restaurants. And then came Office Space. [More]

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Priceline Announces It’s Buying OpenTable For $2.6 Billion

Travel booking site Priceline seems to be hungry, and it it seems it’s found exactly what it wants to nosh on — restaurant reservation site OpenTable, which books tables for users in their cities. Priceline is forking over $2.6 billion in cold, hard cash to buy the company. [More]


Waffle House Sort Of Sorry For Refunding Waitress’s $1,000 Tip

Yesterday we told you about the Waffle House waitress in North Carolina whose $1,000 tip was automatically refunded to the customer who’d left it because of a policy at the restaurant chain. After being shamed in the media for keeping one of its employees from keeping money that would have greatly improved her life, Waffle House is now saying that maybe it should reconsider things. [More]

Waffle House Policy Keeps Waitress From Keeping $1,000 Tip

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If you’re looking to leave a very special tip for your Waffle House server, do it with cash. That’s the lesson learned from the story of one WH waitress in North Carolina who couldn’t keep the 4-digit tip left by a generous customer. [More]

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Man Admits He Hid Cameras In Ladies’ Restroom Stalls At Multiple Texas Restaurants

Just when we’re feeling lulled into a sense of security at the fact that we haven’t had to report on any peeping toms lately, a guy in Texas has admitted that he’s been hiding cameras in the stalls of women’s restrooms in various restaurants around town. [More]

Not drinks from the restaurant. Just sort of ladylike? (Karen_Chappell)

Mexican Restaurant’s Alcohol Menu Divided By Gender Because Obviously Ladies Like Weak, Sweet Drinks

While there’s no reason you can’t order whatever you want off a given menu — unless you are trying to order a kids’ meal and aren’t an actual child, in which case you could run into some issues — one Brooklyn Mexican restaurant has a helpful guide for those who might not know which part of the menu you should be looking at. Namely, there are the drink categories “For Everyone,” “For Kids,” “For Men” and “For Ladies.” [More]

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Airbnb Wants You To Have Strangers Over For Dinner

Airbnb has had a lot of success turning homeowners into semi-professional innkeepers, so why not see if it can do the same for users’ kitchens? That’s the idea behind tests the home-sharing service has been performing in the San Francisco area. [More]

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Amazingly, Diners Didn’t Want To Eat At Toilet-Themed Restaurant

A restaurant whose entire bathroom-related theme — complete with toilets as seats, dishes with hilariously fecal names, and miniature toilet-shaped bowls for your food — seems to have been cooked up by a potty-obsessed two-year-old has closed down after an eight-month run, suggesting that most people would rather put foods in their mouths without thinking about how that food will ultimately exit their bodies. [More]

Is It Wrong For A Restaurant To Tell Diners To Remove Google Glass?

Is It Wrong For A Restaurant To Tell Diners To Remove Google Glass?

The culture war (more of a slap-fight) over where and when it’s okay to sport Google Glass continues. A Manhattan restaurant is the latest to get caught up in the fracas after it asked a customer to remove her Glass device while dining, resulting in a burst of negative reviews from those who think the eatery crossed a line… and a backlash from those who aren’t impressed with the headgear and don’t see why anyone would wear one to dinner. [More]