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Facebook Will Include Critics’ Reviews On “Select” Restaurant Pages

In what appears to be another effort to keep its users inside the social media site’s loving embrace, Facebook is reportedly going to include critics’ reviews of restaurants on the pages of “select” establishments in the United States. [More]

How To Make Sure Your Yelp Restaurant Reviews Aren’t Completely Worthless

How To Make Sure Your Yelp Restaurant Reviews Aren’t Completely Worthless

While authorities in New York concern themselves with the legal issues involved with businesses that post fake online reviews on Yelp and other sites, some are asking a more important question: Is there any real worth to crowd-source restaurant reviews? [More]


When Critics Attack: So About That Review Of Guy Fieri’s Times Square Restaurant…

You know how when you have a choir, and you’re preaching to it and you’re all happy because everyone already agrees on what is being shouted in the congregation? Let’s say that “choir” in this case is New Yorkers who hate stepping foot in Times Square, much less any who would deign to dine in one of its restaurants. Is there a point in a high-minded restaurant critic taking down celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and Bar, located smackdab in touristville, or is it just an exercise in elitism? [More]


Restaurant Dangles Refund If We Replace Scathing Yelp Review With A Five-Star One

Have you ever visited a restaurant or store that was really terrible, but had lots and lots of four- and five-star Yelp reviews? Maybe they’re engaging in practices similar to a restaurant that Jennifer reviewed. They offered her a refund to change her poor review to four or five stars. She and her fiancé brought a large family group to a steakhouse for a pre-wedding “meet the family” dinner. Was it the second tip that the waiter added to their bill for himself, the extra $400 in seafood dinners added to their tab, or the the attempted sleight-of-hand with bottled water? She wrote about all of it, and the restaurant didn’t like it. The refund, however, was only to come after she revised the original review and pretended the bad experience never happened. [More]

Food Blogger Jailed For Salty Restaurant Review

Food Blogger Jailed For Salty Restaurant Review

A food blogger in Taiwan has been sentenced to jail for 30 days and ordered to pay around $7,000 in damages after a judge ruled that her comments about the saltiness of a restaurant’s food were made without doing due diligence. [More]