Mindy Is Not A Beanbag

Mindy Is Not A Beanbag

The founder of Sumolounge.com, an online beanbag company known for high quality products and good prices but not necessarily great follow-through on the shipping/delivery side of things, responded personally to our post yesterday on Eric’s troubles with them. Among other things, he says our theory about Mindy is incorrect: “She is not a bean bag.”


UPDATE: It’s getting worked on!

Comments still not functioning correctly for you? As Ben suggested, I’ve opened a complaint on GetSatisfaction.com to try to reach Gawker’s tech team. If the comment reply/preview feature is still broken for you (it seems to be working for some, not others), why not head over there and add your two cents to my complaint? [GetSatisfaction.com]

Quality Van Lines Responds To Complaint

Quality Van Lines Responds To Complaint

Earlier this week we posted about Cory, a man who had a bad experience with the moving company he hired to schlep his belongings from New York to North Carolina. Now Quality Van Lines has responded with their side of the story.