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Student Aid Bill Of Rights Aims To Overhaul Federal Student Loan Repayment, Servicing Process

The way in which borrowers pay back their federal student loans – from checking the balance to filing complaints against servicers – is set to change with the signing of a presidential memorandum Tuesday. [More]

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Proposed Program Would Pay First Two Years Of Recent New York Graduates’ Student Loans

With the average graduate now leaving college with more than $28,000 in student loans, it can be difficult to envision just how one might manage to land on their feet. If you happen to be a resident of New York and attended an instite of higher education within the state’s borders, repaying those debts could be a bit easier under a recently proposed student loan repayment program.



Michigan College Guarantees Graduates Make $37,000 A Year, Or It Will Help Pay Off Their Student Loans

A small, private college in Michigan is giving new meaning to the idea of “gainful employment.” While the government’s recent rule was implemented to protect students from predatory for-profit colleges, non-profit institution Adrian College is making a guarantee to students aimed at helping them weather the high cost of student loans: make more than $37,000 a year after college or get some or all of your student loans reimbursed. [More]

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Niagara Falls Tries To Attract Young Residents With Promise To Help Repay Student Loans

It’s not unheard of for a corporation, non-profit organization or even the federal government to entice prospective employees with the promise to repay their student loans in exchange for a certain number of years of work. The city of Niagara Falls appears to be taking that idea and making it its own; offering to repay a portion of recent graduates’ student loans in exchange for living in the city for two years. [More]

Man Seals Self Inside Foreclosed Home

Man Seals Self Inside Foreclosed Home

Now we finally understand the secrets of the pharoahs: a bunch of angry people in Stony Ridge, Ohio have sealed up a home with the homeowner inside, with his permission, leaving only a golf ball-sized hole in the front door. The man, Keith Sadler, says he fell behind last year after paying on his mortgage for 12 years, and that his bank promised to work with him but instead proceeded with foreclosure. [More]

Credit Unions Dive Into The Student Loan Market

Credit Unions Dive Into The Student Loan Market

Private loans are the worst type of student debt, but the best place to get them may be your local credit union. Like most credit union products, their loans are usually a better deal with more favorable terms than similar loans from bigger banks.