Sorry Canada, No More Redbox For You

Sorry Canada, No More Redbox For You

Bad news for our readers to the north: Redbox DVD-rental kiosks are going the way of, well… DVD rental in general, with the announcement the the boxes days are numbered in Canada. [More]


Redbox Hikes Prices For Movie And Video Game Rentals

The cost of a night in with a rental DVD is about to get a little more expensive for those of us out there who still rent physical movies and video games: Redbox is increasing the price of DVD rentals by 25%, as its parent company Outerwall Inc. tries to boost its revenue stream. [More]

Redbox Is Running DVD And Blu-Ray Price Hike Tests Again

Redbox Is Running DVD And Blu-Ray Price Hike Tests Again

Movie and game rental kiosk company Redbox is considering another price change to its DVD and Blu-Ray rentals. They’re testing out new pricing schemes in different markets, presumably to figure out which pricing scheme consumers hate the least. In the market where reader Dave is, in Salt Lake City, Utah, they’re trying the price points of $1.50 for DVDs and $2 for Blu-Rays, a price hike of 30¢ and 50¢ respectively. [More]

Redbox Customers Discover Typing In Zip Code Might Be Pretty Much Pointless

Redbox Customers Discover Typing In Zip Code Might Be Pretty Much Pointless

When you scan your credit card on a Redbox kiosk, the system prompts you to type in your zip code. That’s to verify that you’re you and not someone who picked up your credit card on the sidewalk and decided to go crazy renting DVDs for $1.20 per night. Right? Well, maybe not. [More]


Evil Redbox Tricksters In Chicago Make Game Renters Sad

We’ve shared with you before first-hand accounts of what happens when you’re the victim of a Redbox scammer. These are people who copy a barcode and illicitly return a game or movie’s case without the disc inside, leaving the next person to check it out sad and disappointed, holding only a piece of paper. [More]

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Verizon’s Redbox Instant Video Service Launching New App For Xbox 360

Entering the already busy arena of online streaming video services, Xbox 360 announced yesterday that it’s teaming up with Verizon to offer the company’s Redbox Instant Video exclusively on its gaming consoles. It’s always good to have options, and it seems companies are going to continue coming up with competitors for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon’s video services. And when companies compete, we win. Hurray! [More]


Dear Redbox Users, Please Stop Using Handicap Parking Spaces

We understand the temptation — you’re just going to pull up for a minute or two to pick up or return a movie from the Redbox kiosk and the handicap parking spots are right there. It would be so much easier to pull into that spot than find one elsewhere and trek back. [More]

This will not work in your Xbox.

Watch Out For Photocopied Fake Discs In Your Local Redbox Kiosk

Ian was annoyed. He sent us this photo while on hold with Redbox to complain. “Some jerk replaced the disk in the case with a paper photocopy so the return code could still be read,” he wrote. Well, that’s an evil trick. And not foolproof: Redbox knows who had their discs out at any given time, and also happens to have their credit card numbers. Once Ian got through, he explained what happened, and also how Redbox tried to make this up to him. [More]


Verizon & Coinstar Launching Redbox Instant Streaming Video Service This Month

Sure, finding a Redbox kiosk in your neighborhood might be pretty easy. But going anywhere to get a movie, even as far as your mailbox, much less getting in your car to drive somewhere, is so 2009, right? That need for instant access to movies is what’s leading Redbox owner Coinstar to hook up with Verizon to launch their very own video streaming service, set to debut later this month.  [More]

Take that Ticketmaster!

Can Redbox Do To Ticketmaster What It Did To Blockbuster?

Perhaps realizing that disc-based media will soon go the way of VHS, the folks at Redbox have dipped a toe into the shark-infested water of selling event tickets. Keeping with the company’s $1 theme, Redbox is only charging a $1 fee for each ticket, compared to the complicated, expensive fees tacked on by industry leader Ticketmaster. [More]