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Apple Now Accepting Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone Trade-Ins For Credit Toward iPhones

As predicted a few weeks ago, a new report says Apple is now going to accept smartphones and PCs from other manufacturers and give owners a discount on new iPhones. [More]

GameStop Dumpster Diver Accuses Employees Of Deliberately Destroying Usable Products

GameStop Dumpster Diver Accuses Employees Of Deliberately Destroying Usable Products

Stuff breaks, and sometimes you have to throw it out. That’s life. However, when a dumpster diver discovered a batch of games and equipment thrown away outside of a GameStop store, he was angry when he discovered that many of the items had been deliberately destroyed. Why scratch up games that could be donated to a hospital games room or some other place where people in need could have fun? [More]

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California Authorities Stepping Up Efforts To Combat Cardboard Thefts

While you’ve heard of people swiping copper pipes or hauling away scrap metal to trade it in for cold hard cash, perhaps not so familiar to many is the crime of stealing cardboard set out for recycling and trash collectors. In California, authorities are now trying to cut down on the thefts, which could end up costing residents and shopkeepers by way of higher collection rates. [More]

No throwing this out in Seattle. (szczel)

Seattle Will Start Charging $1 Compost Fee For Too Much Food Waste In The Trash

The residents of Seattle will soon be busy staring intently into their trash cans. Or at least that’s what I’d be doing if I lived there, because the Seattle City Council just okayed a new rule that amounts to $1 fines for anyone chucking away too much food waste or compostable paper products. [More]

Would You Like To Be Able To Buy A Big Mac With Empty Soda & Beer Cans?

Would You Like To Be Able To Buy A Big Mac With Empty Soda & Beer Cans?

Got a hankering for a Big Mac but don’t want to spend the money? Your recycling bin may hold the key to sating your special sauce craving… or it would if you were living in Sweden. [More]


What Should I Do With This Used Child Car Seat?

The good news is that advancements in child safety seat technology mean that the products we depend on to protect our tiniest citizens from injury in a car crash are getting safer all the time. The bad news is that these advancements, and close monitoring of child safety products, mean that car seats are getting outmoded or recalled for safety reasons all the time. Where do old seats that can’t be reused end up? The trash, of course. [More]

Oregon Zoo’s Dazzling Array Of Waste Bins Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Does this thing come with an instruction manual?

Recycling is a good thing. It’s such a good thing that there are places where you really have no choice but to recycle unless you want to be deliberately jerky about it. Have you met Portland? [More]

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Have you always wondered what happens to glass containers after the recycling truck scoops them up from the curb? The crack GIF-making team at NPR’s Planet Money visited a plant in New Jersey that’s now able to take glass bottles and turn them into something other than sparkly construction materials. In a series of animations, they take readers through the whole process. [Planet Money]


When You Cut Trash Collection To Every Two Weeks, Parents Will Still Find A Way To Get Rid Of Dirty Diapers

In Oct. 2011, Portland, Oregon, switched from weekly trash pickups to an every other week system, which is fine for many people who probably just needed to invest in another garbage can or two to hold that additional refuse. Additionally, the city had a weekly pickup for recycling and its new composting program, so smelly bottles, cans, and food scraps were being hauled away every seven days. But some parents of babies with stinky diapers are not waiting for that next garbage truck to swing by, and are instead tossing out the dirty diapers with the recycling. [More]


H&M Will Take Your Old Clothes So You Can Buy New Stuff For A Discount

Many Americans just have too many clothes — our collective closets are stuffed with mid-range to cheapie clothing brands that we can tire of quickly and replace without breaking the proverbial bank. Like that sweater? Buy it in two colors! Need new jeans? There’s a sale so you can get three pairs! H&M has hatched a crazy-like-a-fox plan to help rid customers of their old duds while giving them incentive to shop for new stuff with a recently announced clothing recycling plan. [More]

Give Second Lives To Your Old Cell Phones

Old cell phones you’ve got piled up in that drawer could do some good for others. There are ample options for donating or recycling the outmoded devices. [More]

Do You Recycle Your Pantyhose?

Do You Recycle Your Pantyhose?

High on the list of complaints about pantyhose is that it just doesn’t last long enough. But from an environmental point of view it lasts too long once a discarded pair moves from your household trash to the landfill. Efforts at recycling can include using old pantyhose to stake tomato plants and make sachets, but there’s a small snag considering that sheer hosiery sales alone exceeded $1 billion over a recent 12-month period, according to the NPD Group, a market research company. [More]

D.C. Residents, Recycle Your Cat Litter Or Face Garbage Snooping, Fines

D.C. Residents, Recycle Your Cat Litter Or Face Garbage Snooping, Fines

The Washington, D.C. Department of Public Works is apparently so dedicated to enforcing recycling laws that they’re willing to dig through trash to find evidence to issue fines. A resident says she’s been stuck with $2,000 worth of fines, some of which come from a government employee who admits to discovering her violations by snooping in her garbage. [More]

To Battle Drought, Texas Town Will Drink Recycled

To Battle Drought, Texas Town Will Drink Recycled Sewage

If you happen to find yourself in Big Spring, Texas, you could be contributing to the water supply every time you relieve yourself. The town is building a plant that will capture and recycle treated waste water, planing to take treated water that would normally flow into a creek and redirect it into the drinking water supply. [More]

Kodak Wants Your Old Cameras, Electronics

Kodak Wants Your Old Cameras, Electronics

If you’ve got a drawer full of old camera equipment, you can turn it into money by selling it to Kodak, which has introduced a trade-in program in which it’s seeking digital and film cameras and accessories, digital video cameras, digital picture frames and printers. [More]

Inventor Makes Fuel Out Of Brewery Waste

Inventor Makes Fuel Out Of Brewery Waste

Beer is known for fueling ill-advised hook-ups and spontaneous bar brawls, and now the waste that breweries produce can result in fuel for operating the plants. [More]

Best Buy Officially Announces It Will Buy Back Your Old

Best Buy Officially Announces It Will Buy Back Your Old Gadgets

Like we told you in a Consumerist exclusive back in December, Best Buy is launching a new program that lets customers trade in their old gadgets for a gift card for a fraction of their value, good towards another Best Buy purchase. They say it “future-proofs” your technology. The announcement was emailed to customers last night and will also be publicized during the Super Bowl. [More]

What To Do With Your Old Laptop

What To Do With Your Old Laptop

Once you shove your slow, beat-up laptop aside for a newer model, you need to decide what to do with the older machine. While it’s tempting to take a baseball bat to the laptop, as the guys in the movie The Office did to the copier, there are plenty of useful functions for your digital ex. [More]