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California Slaughterhouse Co-Owner Pleads Guilty To Processing Cattle With Cancer

The co-owner of a now defunct California slaughterhouse at the center of a February 2014 recall that involved 8.7 million pounds of beef found “unfit for human food” has pleaded guilty in the federal case, acknowledging that he processed cancerous cattle. [More]


My Car Is Recalled In A Snowy, Icy State, But Not My Snowy, Icy State. What Do I Do?

While most automobile recalls are national, some recalls are limited to specific regions of the country where particular road and weather conditions increase the risk of a problem. What about those people who live outside the recall region but who are concerned their car needs to be checked out? [More]

Death Toll From GM Ignition Defect Reaches 56

Death Toll From GM Ignition Defect Reaches 56

A year after General Motors first announced the long-delayed recall of the Chevy Cobalt, Saturn Ion and several other vehicles for an ignition problem that both the carmaker and regulators had ignored, the fund responsible for vetting death and injury claims related to the recall is now acknowledging at least 56 fatalities. [More]

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New NHTSA Chief Wants To Create Team Focused On Spotting Defects

Just a month into his new gig as the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mark Rosekind unveiled his vision for the future of the agency, including increasing staff and creating two new divisions to help step up efforts to identify defects and alert motorists about issues and recalls. [More]

Kidde recalled 31 models of its disposable fire extinguisher.

Kidde Recalls 5M Disposable Fire Extinguishers Because Fire Extinquishers Should Put Out Fires

The thing about fire extinguishers is that when there’s a fire, you have a reasonable expectation that the device can put out said fire. But that apparently isn’t the case for nearly 5 million Kidde plastic disposable fire extinguishers being recalled. [More]

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Advocates Push NHTSA For Answers Regarding Airbag Recall, Remedy Effectiveness

The first major automobile recall of 2015 centered on 2.1 million vehicles containing an electronic glitch that could cause the safety devices to deploy inadvertently. While that defect is obviously a safety hazard, little else about the recall seems out of the ordinary. That is until you learn that this is the fourth time these vehicles have been recalled for this particular issue. Now, a consumer group is pushing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for answers regarding the recall, its past remedy failures, and the agency’s ability to ensure owners of recalled vehicles are safe.  [More]

February Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Curse Of The Contaminated Cumin

February Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Curse Of The Contaminated Cumin

In this month’s Recall Roundup for food and supplements, some cumin became contaminated with peanut protein, then spread its potentially deadly payload everywhere from ethnic markets to the hot bar at Whole Foods. Pet food marketed for raw feeding of dogs and cats contains bacteria that can harm humans and pets alike. Oh, and there was some more undeclared knockoff Viagra masquerading as a “bee pollen” dietary supplement. [More]

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Land Rover, Jaguar Recall 104,000 Vehicles For Brake, Light Issues

Jaguar Land Rover North America issued three recalls affecting nearly 104,000 vehicles over the weekend for myriad issues, ranging from problems with brake lines to lights. [More]

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Proposed Bills Would Revamp Food Safety Agencies & Recall Protocols

Last year a group of legislators introduced a bill that would have given the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture the legal backbone to get unsafe meat, poultry and eggs off store shelves. While that bill died in Congress, two new measures seek to pick up the pieces, establishing a single, independent federal food-safety agency and providing new recall procedures. [More]

This is what the label looks like for the recalled nuts.

Whole Foods Recalls Macadamia Nuts In 6 States For Possible Salmonella Contamination

Hey you — Did you buy raw macadamia nuts from Whole Foods? Did you buy them in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee? If so, then you might want to check the label to see if they belong to the batch of nuts being recalled for potential Salmonella contamination. [More]


What Recall Woes? GM Sold Record 9.92M Vehicles In 2014

Back in June, General Motors hit the mark where it had officially recalled more cars during the 2014 recallapalooza than it had sold in the United States during the past seven years. While that comparison was startling and put the sheer enormity of the company’s many recalls into perspective, it apparently wasn’t something the company or consumers worried about, as a new report points out that the company still managed to sell a record number of vehicles last year. [More]

Organic Ground Beef Sold At Wegmans Stores Recalled Due To Plastic Fragments

Organic Ground Beef Sold At Wegmans Stores Recalled Due To Plastic Fragments

There are many things that are very delicious alongside ground beef when mashed into a hamburger patty or loafed into a meatloaf, but plastic shards are not one of those things. Customers of Northeastern grocery chain Wegmans have reported finding “small malleable plastic pieces” in their packages of organic ground beef. [More]

IKEA issued the recall of some 169,000 mattresses that could pose a danger to sleeping children.

IKEA Recalls 169,000 Crib Mattresses After Reports Infants Became Trapped Between Mattress And Crib

When parents put their child to bed they likely have a reasonable expectation that their kiddo will sleep comfortably and safely. Hundreds of thousands of customers who own certain IKEA crib mattresses might not sleep so soundly, however, after the company issued a recall following reports that the product poses a hazard to infants. [More]

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New NHTSA Chief Says 2015 Might See Even More Recalls Than Last Year

It might be difficult to envision a year punctuated by more vehicle recalls than the recallapalooza that was 2014. But the new head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration predicts that 2015 could be another record-setting recall year for car manufacturers. [More]

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Ford Recalls 13,500 Cars Because Drivers Keep Accidentally Shutting Them Off While Driving

The future of cars is very high tech: they’re computers on wheels, full of touch-screen and push-button systems. So many push-button systems, in fact, that for one line of Lincoln SUVs, owners can have trouble telling them all apart. And that’s how drivers have been turning off their ignitions while trying to hit other functions. Like the radio. [More]

Happy Apples Recalls More Candy Apples Sold Under Kroger Name

Happy Apples Recalls More Candy Apples Sold Under Kroger Name

If you hadn’t already heard the news that you should stay away from pre-packaged candy apples due to the risk that they might be contaminated with Listeria bacteria, and you’ve been hoarding some in your pantry past peak caramel apple season in the fall, well, it’s time to check your pantry. Kroger-brand caramel apples have been named in the big, sticky nationwide recall. [More]

Snoqualmie Ice Cream Total Recall Affects Other Ice Cream Makers

Snoqualmie Ice Cream Total Recall Affects Other Ice Cream Makers

Here’s a very regional food recall that provides us with a very universal lesson about the inter-connected nature of our food system. You may remember the recall announced shortly before Christmas of the entire 2014 output of Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream. That was bad enough for the company and for ice cream lovers alike, but Snoqualmie supplied dairy to other ice cream makers, which now must recall their 2014 output and sanitize their facilities. [More]

2014: By The Numbers

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2014 was a record-setting year in an enormous variety of ways, both good and bad. As we wrap up and head into 2015, here’s a look at what happened, and what we learned, in the 2014 that was. [More]