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New Homeowners To Pay Less For FHA Mortgage Insurance

In the wake of the devastating crash of the housing market, the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development was forced to increase mortgage insurance premiums for borrowers with loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration, effectively stopping hundreds of thousands of potential homeowners from climbing the property ladder. With the market stabilizing, HUD is rolling back most of that rate increase for new homeowners in the hope that it will spur more borrowing. [More]

Sears Holdings Ponders Forming A Real Estate Trust, Selling Stores To It

Sears Holdings Ponders Forming A Real Estate Trust, Selling Stores To It

Two things are true about Sears Holdings: the company owns a lot of stores, and those stores are not selling enough merchandise. In order to raise some cash, in the last year the company has spun off its best quality clothing brand, sold shares in its Canadian subsidiary, borrowed money from its CEO, and taken on some roommates. What’s next? Selling some of its stores and leasing them back. [More]


Man Buys Foreclosed House, Finds Decomposed Previous Occupant

Earlier this week, a man won a foreclosure auction in Cape Coral, Florida. He stopped by yesterday to check out his new purchase, a pink house with metal bars on every window. Neighbors hadn’t seen the previous occupant in a few years…because she had moved away. Or so they thought. The house’s new owner found a very decomposed body inside. [More]

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For Sale: Cemetery Plot. Slightly Used

When you move away or need cash, it’s a good idea to get rid of any local property that you no longer need or want. For some families, that includes the deeds to unused cemetery plots in faraway graveyards. Or slightly used cemetery plots. [More]


Family Sells Home For $140K More After Agreeing To Include Their Cat In The Deal

How much would someone have to pay you to part with your favorite feline companion? Perhaps no amount of money could pry Mr. Whiskerworth van Hugglebottom from your loving arms, but the $140,000 offered to one family to include their cat in a real estate deal is proving pretty darn tempting. [More]

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Woman Claims A Stranger Stole Her House Using A Fake Deed, Moved In

You can’t pick it up, shove it in your jacket and walk away with it, but a house can still be stolen, it seems. A senior citizen in New York says an ex-convict faked the deed to her family home in Queens and moved in, effectively stealing her house. [More]


Man Desperate To Sell Home Will Accept An iPhone 6 For It

With a house languishing on the market in Detroit, one homeowner who claims he paid way too much in 2010 — $41,000 — is so desperate to unload the property, he’s willing to give it up for a song. Let me clarify: This “song” comes in a white box and makes phone calls, connects to the Internet… Okay, it’s an iPhone 6, and that’s all he’s asking for. [More]

The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City closed on Sept. 16.

Trump’s Name Coming Off Failed New Jersey Casino

Because the Trump name can only be associated with quality real estate and crass, cash-in reality shows stocked with F-list celebrities vying for one last chance at fame, Donald Trump has apparently succeeded in having his name removed from at least one of two sinking Atlantic City casinos. [More]

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Indiana Woman Lived In A House For Eight Years Without Ever Having To Pay For It

The luxury of not having to pay rent or a mortgage payment every month might seem like some kind of fever dream, obtainable only by those scant few who make the rest of us uncomfortably jealous, but one woman in Indiana managed to pull it off not just for a few months or even a year — but for eight years. [More]

Study: Housing Market Poised To Lose $83B This Year Because Of Consumers’ Student Loan Debt

Study: Housing Market Poised To Lose $83B This Year Because Of Consumers’ Student Loan Debt

Back in February we reported that student loan debt was preventing some first-time home buyers from entering the housing market. Now a new study aims to put a price tag on those missed opportunities for the real estate world. [More]

Zillow Likes The Zestimate On Rival Site Trulia, Puts In Offer Of $3.5 Billion

Zillow Likes The Zestimate On Rival Site Trulia, Puts In Offer Of $3.5 Billion

If you’ve got $3.5 billion lying around, you could buy just about any house you wanted. Or if you’re online real estate site Zillow, you just use that money to buy your competition. [More]

PA Court Says I Don’t Need To Tell Buyers That My House Was A Satanic Murder Pit

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Should a home seller be obliged to reveal that the lovely 4-bedroom with a 2-car garage on half acre just also happened to be the place where previous tenants were brutally murdered? Not if that house is here in Pennsylvania. [More]

Hiding your sleeping bag in the attic is not required.

Wanted: Neat Freaks To Live Cheaply In Mansions, Disappear On Command

Help wanted: must own enough upscale furnishings to fill a large house. Applicants must be meticulously neat and able to make a house look like someone lives there, but without making it look like someone lives there. Your compensation: being able to live in a luxury home for below-market rents. [More]

4 Things Home Buyers Do That Annoy Sellers

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By this point, most of us have been unwitting sucked into House Hunters marathon and screamed at the nitpicky buyers about their inability to look past the paint color, but that is a minor annoyance compared to some of the other ways in which home buyers get under the skin of sellers. [More]

You Can Buy An Entire Town In South Dakota For The Bargain Price Of $400K

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Check your pockets and dig into the couch cushions — if you can rustle up some spare change to the tune of $400,000, you could be the owner of your very own town in South Dakota. The man who owns Swett, S.D. — and its bar, single house, workshop, three trailers and 6.16 acres of land — is looking to sell. [More]

Some of Zillow's own stats on the accuracy of its Zestimates. As you can see, the margin for error ranges from as low as 4.8% in D.C. to a whopping 10% in San Francisco.

Are Zillow’s “Zestimates” Full Of Zhit? Depends Who You Ask

If you’ve looked at real estate in the last few years, you’ve almost certainly reviewed the listings on Zillow.com and you’re probably quite familiar with the “Zestimate,” the site’s automated approximation of what the property is worth. Some realtors say Zestimates are useless and cause confusion for their customers, while Zillow defends the data. Interestingly, both sides use the same stats to argue their case. [More]


Data Geniuses Will Find The Perfect House Before You Can

There are some people out there who are just better at certain things than you are, which is why one couple is going to find the completely perfect house that suits each and every one of their needs. Because they managed to manipulate data and bend it to that exact purpose, and the rest of us probably don’t know how to do that. [More]

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For Sale: Count Dracula’s Transylvanian Castle (Vampires Not Included)

Are all the kids still into vampires these days? Because forget those sparkly bloodsuckers or the ones gobbling up synthetic blood — the home of the original famous vampire, Dracula himself, is up for sale. [More]