As RadioShack Closes Stores, CEO To Get $500K Retention Bonus

As RadioShack Closes Stores, CEO To Get $500K Retention Bonus

While thousands of RadioShack employees got the bad news yesterday that the beleaguered electronics chain would be shuttering 1,100 stores, there are at least five Shack staffers who can not only feel secure about their jobs, but who will each be getting hundreds of thousands of dollars just to stick around. [More]

RadioShack Closing Up To 1,100 Stores Across The Country

RadioShack Closing Up To 1,100 Stores Across The Country

UPDATE: RadioShack tells Consumerist there’s no list for now — but stay tuned: “We are not releasing a store closing list at this time. However, RadioShack will maintain market coverage as part of this plan, with more than 4,000 U.S. stores in the RadioShack footprint. We will have information to share in the future.” [More]

RadioShack Is Still Around, But Reportedly Closing 500 Stores

RadioShack Is Still Around, But Reportedly Closing 500 Stores

If you were still paying attention after the first quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, and not in the kitchen preparing or gorging on snacks, you might have seen one of the few mildly amusing ads to air during the game. It featured a RadioShack being dismantled by various ’80s icons and emerging from the ashes as a relevant store that doesn’t just sell batteries and cables you can get much cheaper online. Well, according to a new report, the first part of that ad will soon be coming true for hundreds of Shack locations, except it won’t be Cliff Clavin and Hulk Hogan clearing the shelves. [More]


Police: RadioShack Worker Punched Customer For Being Sarcastic

We get it — sarcasm flows from your lips like it’s your mother tongue. But not everyone is appreciative of such a tone — crazy, I know. See, that was sarcasm, used in the right setting. The wrong setting was apparently a RadioShack for one customer, who told police a worker walloped him for being sarcastic. [More]

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Staples, RadioShack No Longer Want To Be The Places Where You Pick Up Your Amazon Orders

For about a year, some Staples and RadioShack stores allowed Amazon to set up lockers inside, giving customers of the online retailer a secure location to which their orders could be delivered. But the two chains are saying the deal didn’t really work out and are ending the arrangement. [More]


Buy Your VHS Tape Rewinders Elsewhere: RadioShack Is Revamping Its Image… Again

If you need a new (old?) VHS tape rewinder you better scoot your tush out the door right now and see if RadioShack still has one. The store’s new CEO is all revved up and ready to give some 220 of the company’s stores a whole new look, and is ready to refresh the retailer’s image by dumping all those old products it used to hang onto. Just don’t call it The Shack anymore, please. [More]

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Study: Nearly Half Of U.S. Consumers Went To McDonald’s In March

A new study attempts to determine the businesses that American consumers visit most often. Not surprisingly, the list is dominated by places that sell food; and that McDonald’s was by far the most-visited business in the U.S. [More]


The Good, The Bad & The Complicated Of Employee Discounts

Between the hours, the pay and the occasional scowling customer, working retail isn’t always the fun times it’s made out to be in film comedy. But at least there’s the employee discount, right? [More]


Mom Sues RadioShack Because 13-Year-Old Daughter’s “New” Phone Shouldn’t Be Full Of Porn

When buying a refurbished phone, it’s at least slightly understandable that some of the previous owner’s data or photos could be left behind. But when a phone is sold as “new” and instead allegedly is filled with porn and ends up in the hands of a 13-year-old girl, well, that’s a big problem. We’re looking at you, RadioShack. [More]