Watch The Tiny Hamster At A Tiny Barbecue With His Tiny Friends (Because It’s Wednesday)

Feel like you just can’t make it through the next few days before the holiday weekend? We interrupt your regularly scheduled Wednesday programming with a perfect panacea for the hump day blues: The Tiny Hamster at a tiny Fourth of July barbecue with his tiny friends (and one normal-sized human). Sure, the video is two days old, but that doesn’t make it any less adorable or brain soothing. Or tiny. [Hello Denizen on YouTube]


DEA Agent Says Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Utah Will Lead To Stoned Rabbits

There are many arguments for and against using marijuana legally in this country, whether for medical use or for fun, but one drug enforcement official’s reason for his stance against legalizing it in Utah is surely one nobody’s about to forget: He says wild bunnies will get high off the stuff. [More]

(Glyn Lowe Photoworks)

Furry Friends Or Food? Whole Foods Starts Selling Rabbit Meat Amidst Protests

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail… Or is it, here comes lunch, yum, rabbit meat? That’s at the center of a controversy between people who think rabbits should remain our furry friends and not our food, and the move by Whole Foods to start selling rabbit meat at selected stores. [More]


Rabbits Treating Cars In Denver Airport Parking Lots Like So Many Tender Heads Of Lettuce

When we picture Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail, that path leads him to a garden of lush green vegetation, perfect for the nibbling. And not some dingy, oil-smelling airport parking lot. But at Denver International Airport, Peter and his pals have taken to chewing not on tender roots and heads of lettuce, but car wiring. Where’s that angry farmer when you need him to scare the bunnies away? [More]


L.A. Pet Shops Won’t Be Able To Sell Pets From Puppy Mills

Following similar bans by smaller municipalities in the U.S. and Canada, the Los Angeles City Council has tentatively adopted a ban on pet stores’ sales of many animals obtained from commercial breeders. [More]

Southwest Airlines' Rabbit Rejection Letter Not Going Over Well

Southwest Airlines' Rabbit Rejection Letter Not Going Over Well

We’re pretty sure the person who wrote this rejection letter meant well, but it’s not being received with enthusiasm among rabbit-owning customers who want to be able to fly with their pets on Southwest. Southwest allows dogs and cats, so a group of bunny owners put together a petition and mailed it off to the airline. A scan of the response, which was recently posted on and forwarded along to us, shows a letter full of cringe-inducing puns and a suggestion to buy their pets some “Hare Jordans” if they want them to fly. [More]

Petland Employees Drowned Rabbits, Posted Photos on Facebook

Petland Employees Drowned Rabbits, Posted Photos on Facebook

We’ve written about pet store chain Petland before, due to their documented use of puppy mills and snarky response to groups that protested said use of puppy mills. Now PETA claims to have found photos on a Petland employee’s Facebook page that show her grinning while holding up the wet, lifeless bodies of two rabbits she had just drowned.

Amazon Sells Whole Rabbit Carcasses

Amazon Sells Whole Rabbit Carcasses

Amazon sells everything. It’s too bad Elmer Fudd didn’t know about this service. It could have saved him a lot of trouble.—MEGHANN MARCO