The man who created the Pillsbury Doughboy — otherwise known as Poppin’ Fresh — has headed to that great bakery in the sky at the age of 89. Rudolph R. Perz was a Chicago ad man who developed the legendary giggling spokesboy while working at Leo Burnett in 1965. His tee-heeing legacy still lives on in commercials today. [Chicago Tribune]


Microsoft Putting Internet Explorer Brand Out Of Its Misery

It’s been a long, slow march toward the end, but now Internet Explorer as a brand is facing the executioner: Microsoft confirmed that it’s ditching the IE name for its upcoming browser, which is known as Project Spartan at the moment. [More]

Another Marlboro Man Passes Away From Smoking-Related Causes

Another Marlboro Man Passes Away From Smoking-Related Causes

The wife of an actor who appeared in “Marlboro man” cigarette ads and billboards has confirmed that her husband recently died at the age of 72 from respiratory failure due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), meaning he is at least the third Marlboro man to pass away from a smoking-related cause. [More]